SK Telesys “Aura” Phone event online.

[Cloud USA] Asian news source Prime Economy has reported an interesting event presently being held by » the SK Telesys site, in connection with the SK-W900 ad campaign which features Rain.

SK Telesys:  “In order to give customers the experience of using an Aura phone (and to celebrate this third release of the W Phone), various products such as Aura phones, autographed copies of Rain’s music CDs, Polaroid cameras, restaurant gift certificates, etc. will be presented as gifts to them through events such as TV CF scrap games, puzzle games, and more provided by our online site.”

Customers should post their comments on why they would like the chance to have an Aura phone, and why they’d like to take part in this event, either on the SK Telesys site or on their own blogs by August 17.  As we understand it, participants will be chosen through a lottery system and game/activity winners will be given phones and other prizes.

(Thank you to rain bird and Rain Europe for this information, and for the original article translation.)

Wow… I suppose anyone can participate, but if you don’t read Hangeul you won’t make it very far.  Rats.

It’s certainly worth investigating, though!

— stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “SK Telesys “Aura” Phone event online.”

  1. hi, will this aura phone be available in hk or where can i be able to buy it in GSM?


  2. Nice phone. It has the works.


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