[interview] Elle is crazy for him.

The Hollywood Road
Source: Elle Extra September 2010, Crazy For Him (ELLE China)
English translation: huhuhuhu @raincloudHK

[*NOTE: There are times when English and Korean words have no true counterpart.  My own loose translations to smooth out the read (and my own side comments) are in brackets. — Stephe ^@@^]


Elle:  We heard that Bruce Lee is your idol.  Do you have any other action idols?
Rain:  Jackie Chan!  I know him.  Actually I liked him since I was a kid.  Of course I like other action stars too, but I like Jackie Chan the best.

Elle:  His expertise is action comedies.
Rain:  If there is an opportunity, I would also want to try combining comedy with action.  I like this kind of style.

Elle:  Your favorite Chinese actress is Gong Li, right?
Rain:  Not just Gong Li.  Many actresses are my idols since my youth, for example Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui.  And Michelle Yeong… My favorite is her “Police Story”.  I watched many of her films, but I like her not because she’s good in kung fu fighting (laugh).  [Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh are awesome!  The Police Story movies are crazy fun and fantastic.  Love them.  And I miss Anita Mui… may she rest in peace. — Stephe ^@@^]

Elle:  Sylvester Stallone has high appreciation of you.  Unfortunately you did not accept the movie “The Expendables” and missed the chance of working with Jet Li.
Rain:  There should be a lot of big actors in that movie, so for me it would have been a very good experience.  Unfortunately at that time I was doing my concert tour, so it was difficult….

Elle:  We heard that you have to be paid less in order to act in Hollywood films?
Rain:  You couldn’t really say that.  I  believed they calculated the most appropriate amount based on my capability in taking up an action movie, because I was a newbie in that area.  If I become more famous I will make more money accordingly.  Of course, compared to shooting Korean drama, the pay was less.  [Word on the street is Rain received a nice wad of cash, the amount of which I won’t say here, for his NA role.  I don’t know if that is true.  But if it is… it was a terrific paycheck (respectable and nothing to sneeze at) for a Hollywood unknown with his very first lead role, much less an Asian in a town where Asians are usually ignored and overlooked.  What an insensitive question to ask! — Stephe ^@@^]

Elle:  You participated in “Ninja Assassin”.   We heard that you expected to become a top star like Brad Pitt?
Rain:  It was just a joke in a talk show…  [And of course, you can’t even joke on a talk show without someone insensitively throwing it back up in your face later, during an interview.  Wow. — Stephe ^@@^]

Elle:  Did you feel disappointed or have any regret that the movie was not as successful as originally anticipated?
Rain:  Even in Korea I have become recognized by the public after a few works.  We have a saying:  you can’t become a fat man by just eating one mouthful.  Looks like I have to try more in future.  No matter what, this was a movie with a Korean male lead, which I think was a break through in some sense.  [Not as successful…?  ELLE, are you daft?  The movie MADE $25 MILLION dollars more than it took to produce even with an unknown lead, stayed on Top 10 DVD charts several months after release, spread Rain’s name into a ton of countries that previously didn’t know him, garnered him three Green Planet Movie Awards in LA, got him nominated for the MTV Movie Awards, helped him become the first Korean to win an MTV Movie Award in the history of the show, made him the very first Korean to have a lead role in a Hollywood film ever, et cetera, et cetera… Yes, ELLE, you are daft.  And you can quote me on that.  — Stephe ^@@^]


Elle:  Singing, drama, movie, producer, clothing brand, breaking into the world stage…  How big is your ambition?
Rain:  I will always do my best in my profession.  I want to actively participate in many activities.  I am relatively young… er, actually I’m not that young.  Anyway there are many things I still want to do and could still do in future.

Elle:  As the King of Asia, you become a rookie when you get to the U.S.   Do you feel [you aren’t treated properly there, as befitting your stardom? ^@@^]
Rain:  It’s actually the opposite.  I got better treatment in the U.S. because I’m an Asian actor.  [not well known here]  Whereas domestically, things are always the same because a system has already been established, so you don’t feel any particular treatment. [very well known there]

Elle:  Even in previous times you had little time to rest, now with even more work…
Rain:  (laughed heartily) I have no time at all to rest.

Elle:  Do you have time to be with your father?
Rain:  I have very little time for my family.  Can’t help it because of work.  But we send short messages.

Elle:  Your father seeing you work so hard…
Rain:  He’s very understanding and very supportive.

Elle:   His wish is to cook a hot meal for you?
Rain:  I also want to have a meal with my family if I have time.


Elle:  The cover of “Back to the Basic” released in April was very special.
Rain:  Ha, I created that style myself.  Androgynous style.

Elle:  It gives people a sultry impression!
Rain: You need to constantly change your style if you want to keep the lead.  I choose this androgynous style from a fashionable angle.  But you know, fashion is always changing and coming back again.  [Haha, yes!  The many different incarnations of Glam Rock. ^@@^]

Elle:  Seeing yourself wearing a long, wavy wig with long lower eyelashes, did you feel uneasy in the beginning?
Rain:  Not at all.  It has been very popular in Europe to have false eyelashes.  Long wig is also popular. [Yes… absolutely true.  ^@@^]

Elle:  Female fans have always been crazy about your strong and magnificent body.
Rain: (calm)  As an artist it is very normal to keep a good figure.

Elle:  Are you the type that gets fat easily?
Rain:  (laughed)  No.

Elle:  How much time do you spend each day keeping fit?
Rain:  If I exercise, it will be about an hour a day.

Elle:  You were an introvert before.  Now you are capturing thousands of people.  Do you like it?
Rain:  I was an introvert when I was young.   Being in this industry I gradually became more outward.  I like the current me very much.

Elle:  How do you view your changes over these 8 years?
Rain:  I have very, very little private life.  But [in exchange, I can] stand on this splendid stage and show more people the best of me.

Elle:  Many idol artists will choose to hide their love relationships.  Why do you have to announce them?
Rain: (becoming alert)  Announce?  Which one do you mean?

Elle:  You said before you have had 4 love relationships.
Rain: (relieved)  I want to be honest, I don’t want to hide.  Although the company has policy against it, I had my love relationship secretly.

Elle:  You mentioned before if you met a lady you loved, you would have tattoo for her, you would tattoo her name…
Rain:  That was very long time ago…

Elle:  Will you still want to do this now?
Rain:  Now—No.  [A smart decision, Hoon. Haha.  ^@@^]


Elle:  How’s the progress of “Runaway”?
Rain:  I have not had a drama for 5, 6 years since “A Love to Kill”.  We have already filmed one scene in Paris, and we have been to Osaka.  We are going to Shanghai, Beijing and Macao as well to shoot.  It will last more than a month.  It should be a good drama series!

Elle:  After so many years, what’s your biggest reason in choosing this drama?
Rain:  The main reason – it is for my Asian fans.

Elle:  What do you feel about your Shanghai trip?
Rain:  I have been to Shanghai before for filming.  Every time I come I have a totally new feeling.  Shanghai is hosting the Expo now… I would like to visit that.  There is the Korean pavilion too.  I’m not sure if we will have the opportunity to shoot our drama in the Expo.

Elle:  [Concerning] movies, will we continue to see you taking up action movies?
Rain: No (firm denial).  I will film different types of movies.

Elle:  Have you received other types of scripts?
Rain:  Yes.  But I have some plans on hand which I need to finish.  Other types – whether it’s action, or idol movies – if there is opportunity next year, I may participate.  [Ooooooh. Someone knows something we don’t yet… — ^@@^]

Elle:  The entertainment industry is full of competition and pressure, rumors and scandals.  How do you deal with these?
Rain:  Of course there will be a lot of misunderstanding in between.  But if I [were the type who was afraid] of challenge, I [would] not be in the place where I am now.  Sometimes I have to accept failures. Sometimes I feel wronged.  But if I am scared of [the bad stuff], I will not move forward.  This has always been my thinking.

Elle:  The Korean artists are being replaced very quickly.  Do you have pressures [because of the] younger generation coming up?
Rain:  No.  I don’t have time to consider these.  [GREAT answer!  Matter of fact… it is the younger generation who should be worried about how high Rain has already raised the bar, and how in the world they themselves will meet that quality. ^@@^]

~ by Cloud USA on August 16, 2010.

13 Responses to “[interview] Elle is crazy for him.”

  1. That writer have no idea who is Rain. Some of the questions were disrespectful and just tacky. What they were thinking?? But then, They gave Rain an opportunity to speak his mind and for that I forgive them. They should be grateful cause Rain’s pictures are amazing and he make that magazine look great and worth buying but the interview sucks. Go Rain!!! 😀


  2. @busybee1982
    i agree
    i did relized that rain is going to paris either after the interiew here he mention about that Oh gosh i bet some of them don”t even notice rain is their filiming well it up to producer rain just follow them and i felt SHOCK when i hear he their i would been crying too rain have fans all around the world how come they would let rain and his fan know this it must been hetic then i just don”t get it either but, i know for sure it was rain fault on this so…. i understand that of rain but i am feeling bad for them 😦


  3. I was wondering about that, busy. In particular, if he had been involved at that location at all. It’s a LONG flight to Paris from Asia. I can’t imagine that Clouds wouldn’t have known he went to France in the midst of this crazy/tight schedule he’s been keeping.

    Maybe a separate production crew took care of that footage?

    Just talking off the top of my head here. I don’t know. *shrug*

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Rain says they filmed a scene in Paris…OMG!, fans are going to be upset to find out they missed him.


  5. Yeah, I agree with everyone. Ji-Hoon knows there’s a “pecking order” in Hollywood. You can’t be the “new kid on the block” and come in running the show. This interviewer sucks!

    **(On a side note)**…..The Expendables DID make $35 million box office last weekend (opening)……..I don’t know BI?!…..Maybe one other action film wouldn’t have hurt…….Just Saying….


  6. I love you guys for this interview, for translation and your hard work. Because of you I’m happy to recive notes about things that are happening in J.J.H live,Emy from Europe.


  7. I heartily approve that tattoo decision, Ji-Hoon.

    I mean, seriously. What happens when you get matching tattoos and then you BREAK UP? Gah. Tattoo removals are a b**ch.

    Terri :-}


  8. I think that writer should have done his/her homework before doing the interview, obviously it was very misinformed…aja aja BI!!!


  9. I know some of those questions were a bit rude…


  10. thanks for translating. my that interview got pretty bold with her questions


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