We were revolutionized, all right.

And I dare say we’ll never forget it. Woahhh…! 😀  — ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 15, 2010.

7 Responses to “We were revolutionized, all right.”

  1. “his brain is a fantastic instrument”…truer words were never said. i just wonder from the vast amount of fans, how many really, really see why he is in a class all by himself? to be honest, i don’t know any other who writes the song, develops the dance style for it, creates and unveils the concept of the words through the mv, creates the look for the promo. (i’m sure i left some elements out). but Rain did this so completely and yes, you are right. the man literally snapped me back from Ninja Assassin, i mean like instant SNAP, hahaha and kept me glued to his every reveal. he sould win an award for what he accomplished with this latest music.


  2. “We were Revolutionized Alright”

    yep,that we were….i have never in my life experienced such a exciting JOY ride with Rain’s latest cd. as far as publicity, marketing, teasers the whole event leading up to the actual official MV release was none short of pass TOP NOTCHED and topping it all off, his live performaces and outfits. i will be comparing every new CD intro. to Rain’s. (would that be a fair thing to do?) i don’t think i will be able to help myself. can anyone recall this method of introducing a new CD being done like this in the past??


    • I can recall some creative stuff from artists in the past, but NOTHING like what Rain did with Back To The Basic. From that first teaser where he figuratively knocked everybody out with one punch, it was like a storyline unfolding, and waiting for each next part to be revealed was so exciting because you simply couldn’t predict what was coming. LOL It was grand and fun indeed, and never disappointing for me.

      And all of the things he incorporated into it, that you hardly ever see together: K-pop, hip hop, Glam Rock, classic rock ‘n roll, R&B flava, classical composition, the androgyny of European art and fashion, elements like time travel, and too many metaphors about a man’s strength and a man’s vulnerability to even name… people simply do not realize how amazingly deep Ji-Hoon’s creative processes flow. His brain is a fantastic instrument, and does his body justice.

      I can only look forward to the things he will bring us future-wise. *with bated breath*

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. wow…great work…amazing….my wallpaper…thnx!!!(drool)


  4. ys let it rain and let it raining as GOLBAL WILDE FOREVER RAIN!!!
    i very love this beauitful sexy cool oozing pict ever it the best yeah i said it mini but that was totally a BLASH of rain hightligh on his stage he stole the show matter fact he tore down the fans so badly ha ha ha !! even guy could agree more for rain sexy alive body he pursuit his welth and delicious bodfy so good well do rain i have to give him full effort to this mini ablum and did he make good conept experince and new trended yes he does !! :P)


  5. Wow look at Jihoon body he is looking hot.


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