[ETA: Written translation added] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 28.

For a brief indication as to what Rain said at this press conference, and to revisit some of those images, please see our previous posts HERE, and HERE.  A resulting Japanese news spot heralding the start of the tour is HERE.

Asian broadcast 8/14.  We’re going ZEPPing!  It’s all about the 2010 Love Tour in Japan, and we start off with Rain briefly introducing himself to the media in Japanese at his Love Tour press conference on June 21.

My my, he is looking sharp in that suit and as fine as wine, but we already knew that from all the previous images and the bits and pieces of press conference footage we’ve seen in previous news spots.  Is that room FULL of reporters and photogs, or what?

In between conference questions, we get a real treat: ZEPP Tokyo rehearsal time.  Wowzer—that “born of fire” intro is hot, if you will pardon the pun.  What a visual!  The inside of ZEPP Tokyo Hall was also revealed to us in pictures back in June, but here you get a real feel for the place as Rain runs the rehearsal and takes the stage in from several vantage points.  We’re already looking forward to next week in the hopes that we continue ZEPPing in Episode 29.  *fingers crossed*

Enjoy, everyone!  — Stephe ^@@^

Part 1 of 2,  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I [arrived] yesterday…

Thanks, but I’m not tired yet.

I’ve been controling my condition [physically preparing? ^@@^] for my concert and I had a nice dream last night.

The reason I’ve opted to hold my concert at such performance halls which are a lot smaller than I’m used to, is to come to my fans myself in order to communicate with them as if I’m close friends with them or I have a date with them.

First of all, I tend to think of a concept for my music album, everywhere I go.  When I went to Europe to film a hollywood movie, I was able to see a lot of men wearing false eyelashes and coloring their eyebrows.  Their epicene beauty that I had never tried before got my attention, that’s why I picked up the idea from it and applied it into the concept for my new album [Back To The Basic].

I’m thinking I’ll familiarly communicate with my fans as if they are just next to me.  By the way, I’ll proceed with Saitama Super Arena concert the way I did [ZEPP, but just as a larger scale extravaganza].

Part 2 of 2.

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I think I can eat sea mustard soup on my birthday in Fukuoka , but I don’t [have to].  I don’t mind eating Japanese miso soup on the day.

I’m not class enough [skilled enough? ^@@^] to play soccer.

I hope both Japan and Korea will make it to the round of 16 and have some great opportunities in the World Cup games.  No matter what, I’ve been watching each of the games involved in Korea and Japan on TV, even without watching other teams’ games.

Please turn the lights slowly.  I’ll let you know when I move.  Please start it!

Since I’ll be the [executive] producer, please do as I tell you.

Well. Too noisy! (calling into his ear microphone)  This performance will go for the next 9 days, it is expected more details will be needed during rehearsing.  Nobody can’t even count how much time we spend rehearsing for the concert.  Anyway, we belong to one team, so I ask for your help.

I’ll oversee the progress of the rehearsal, so I ask the director to be responsible for all of our rehearsal on the other side of the stage.  Before the opening video clip, let’s time the lift to reach in time.  Please put it back where it was.

Please try to operate the video from the half of it.  Just a moment, please stand by.

I’ll tell you what : Staff ‘Hyung Young’ will be on the right side of the front stage, while the audience will be provided with simultaneous translation of what I’ll say through the interpreter on the left side of it.  Each time I [talk to] the audience, immediately on the scene the interpreter has to interpret for them.

This concert won’t go according to the planned schedule, so there might be [many] ad-libs.

~ by Cloud USA on August 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “[ETA: Written translation added] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 28.”

  1. This videos show to me how professional he is in everything he does. There is no detail he left out. From the way he dress himself, inmaculate up to the last hair of that magnificent head to the beeautiful shoes. Also, during rehearsals so precise and careful so everyone knows what to do at every moment. Amazing!!!


  2. hahaha he just to good for who he is rain he seeme so good mood he walk into the PRESS CONFRENCE with that happy smile. i love to see shine like this just like a boy who so smart and need him to walk threw everthing eheheheh
    and when they interiew his question rain just snwer their word with confident look . it doesn”t matter to what he waering he very make everbody dicking into this guy what and why he so popluar and so much envirus of rain have his concert all the time japan is one lucky country who have rain come for them not just omce but manly ime truly it is his freedom second home of rain.

    part 1 toward the END i see the backstage rain rehershal his LOVE TOUR IN TOKOYO
    where also he interiew ENt new too i very love this last tour of rain he not just have outstanding stage perform LIVE but also connection with his fans too i think that was very SPECAIL monment of rain ever…
    he went back and look at some scrip hmmmm?????????? i wonder what id that for??
    anway i found that rain look so dashing everytime he stand and pull one leg up ahahahah sexy up & down of he goes ekekek and the suit he was perfect for that too.
    BACK TO REHERDSHAL yes he is perfectionis of his stage everytime he run the stage he make sure is perfect and everything plus MIC should work how smart and careful this guy can get no wondering his stage have hightlight the best of number king of asia performce. I SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and for he just to young for everything under his hand full of acknoeldege and & suceed SMART,TALEN PERFECTIONAL , amazing to top.
    btw…. afterall i see that sexy………….. muscluar of his arm and body damit rain u are full mature and the man of my life ah aha ha IN MY DREAM ekekekek i just want to squeeze it. oh boy he very into SPORT look so good on rain esp ADDIS & NIKI.


  3. Hey Stephe,

    I see you posted this one…….I hope your Mom is doing better, was praying for you….


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