[RE-POST] [fan made] Try to watch this without laughing.

[ *ETA 10/9: I came upon this again while doing some site maintenance and just couldn’t stop laughing.   I had to post it for you all a second time.  Sarang-hae, Ji-Hoon…! 🙂  ^@@^ ]

Bet you can’t…!  So go ahead and let it out.  Seeing Ji-Hoon like this does a body good, we say.  Cute, cute, cute.  Saranghaeyo!

— Stephe ^@@^

Fan made: Rain, 죽도록 사랑해. / Rain, I Love You To Death.  (courtesy of onlyone0625 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 15, 2010.

20 Responses to “[RE-POST] [fan made] Try to watch this without laughing.”

  1. he made me remembr fullhouse at the beginng..


  2. Ok, that was perfect! After watching twice…I’m going to watch again! I love watching him smile and enjoying himself!


  3. Smile.

    This came just in time this a.m.

    Thanks for the re-post, chingu.

    Terri :-}


  4. LOL…how can i not laugh when our prince is laughing so loud…his laughter just so natural & it really made my day…thks for posting this again..


  5. I’m glad to see this again. My beautiful babe and his amazingly beautiful smile!


  6. Oh LOrd, Rain has been a blessing in my life!! Thanks for sending this angel to make my life better. 😀


  7. onlyone0625, did an amazing job with putting this vid together.
    from three different radio segments she got the best of Rain’s laughter and gave us the most awesome vid that just brightens up your day whenever you watch it. laughter really is contagious, right?


  8. This video makes me smile big time….thanks you so much…you have made my day!


  9. Oh, OMG!!! What a video!! Rain is sooo special. That smile kills me, really, you have to smile back, there is no other way. He makes me laugh so hard. Thank God for NA, since I met him my life has change for the better. There is laughter in my life and I don’t feel alone anymore cause I just pick up my Ipod and there is Rain with me.


  10. How did i never notice how much i utterly love this mans laugh lol, its so cute


  11. This guy is just AMAZING !! Practically everything/every part about him just ‘WOWs’ me over! And it’s been 4 long years!!!

    @ 1.23 – 1.29 => killing me softly with that sunshine smile of his… ** sigh **, need to do my meditation …


  12. @ riverwood,

    “What a beautiful smile”…………Indeed!!


  13. It was fun to see Jihoon laughing. And the other videos were fun, sexy and cool to watch.


  14. *sign* 🙂
    i never get tired seeing rain lughting here he just ENTREMLY fun and charming yet making my day evertime i see him happy and craking ahahah he very have that killer smile a min i saw he laught teet start to show too akakakak i just love this guy to deep eheheehh 🙂


  15. Why is it that a man I’ve never met and never will can make me laugh on even the worst of days. His energy and spirit are amazing. Thanks for the video and thank you Ji-Hoon for the smiles 🙂


    • in response to myself and my original post to this vid… I just left my mother whom I spent all night in the emergency room with. The first thing I look at is this! Just what I needed; his sweet smile and contagious laugh. Thanks so much for posting again. It’s like you knew! 🙂


  16. *Sigh* I never get tired watching this man! What a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh.


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