[images] Rain check.

Fresh SixToFive. (credit: sizuku219) — ^@@^


Fresh Elle China. (credit: as tagged)


Runaway filming back in Beijing.  Love the smile.  (credit: 逃亡路上的逃犯 @ baidu 逃亡者吧, as tagged / Baidu Rainbar, as tagged)


An additional shot from Beijing.  (source blog: OnlyRain)

~ by Cloud USA on August 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “[images] Rain check.”

  1. ROFL,

    Okay, at first I was like, why are all of those dogs roaming around the set??? And then I realized: OH they’re statues. And then I thought, okay those are sorta creepy looking.

    And there’s Rain right in the middle of them. Ha ha. I can’t wait to see this scene.

    Terri :-}


  2. Oh Gosh i could afree more he is killimg softly here too i love 1 pict when he post in that black suit and stand like i just melthing as soon i trun at him uhhhhhhh 😛
    2 pict lord his hair his lip his skin with that tan look and man when he staring just r just drop death and my oh my the killer smile who would want to kiss that sexy hotness lip of rain but agin i be in heaven intak for ever ahahahhah


  3. Jihoon has the most sexys lips that I’ve seen in a good minte.


  4. Killing Me Softly With HIS Song……He’s Killing me!!!……The Elle China photos, especially the B/W one in the center….”takes my breath away”!!!!!


  5. Thanks,their all great pictures!


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