Compilation of Rain at ZEPP Tokyo…

…without the interview portions, for fans who prefer only the performances.  » For the entire FTV spot, go HERE.

Bring the beat back.  — Stephe ^@@^


Rainism, It’s Raining, and Handshake, from FTV’s Rain/ZEPP Tokyo interview.  (source: FTV / courtesy of eye0rain)

~ by Cloud USA on August 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Compilation of Rain at ZEPP Tokyo…”

  1. I hope Rain & Co. will release this concert on a DVD, because I’d be first in line to buy it! Looks like a great concert!


  2. rainism it my farvor too i love his style his fashion in their yet his HOT PERFORAMCER he very have that quite task of him when it come to stage he kill it all he STOLE the show ahahah!!!
    matter fact everytime he making that ussssshhhhhhaaaaaa sound from IT RAINING to rainism it sooo SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i am melthing everytime he make the SOULFUL deep voice.
    BRING ALL DOEN RAIN yes!!!!!!!!! pleas i would love to see it ekekekekekek :P) NOT JUST CRAZY NOW!!!!
    but, CRAZY EVERYDAY ahahahahah!!!!
    i very want the DVD of this love tour it look amazing and cool.
    and when he sing handshake nothing to say but so touching i can feel the long way he become to become a WORLD STAR of rain very touching !!!


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