[ETA: English translation] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 27.

Asia broadcast, 8/7.  Continuation from last week… Rain’s mini-fan meeting outside MBC’s Ilsan Dream Center, after his final Back To The Basic farewell stage performance on Music Core, at the end of May.  » You can revisit the images from that fan meet in our previous post HERE.  And there’s » one more HERE.

(It’s only my opinion, but I feel it was bittersweet for him to say goodbye to the B2TB comeback stage just then.  I think he might have liked for it to have lasted just a little longer.  Singing and dancing is where he is physically closest to his fans, after all, not to mention the beat of his music practically lives in his pulse.  Thinking about having to say goodbye to writing for any length of time fills me with a terrible sadness… so I get it.  But in Ji-Hoon’s case, his MTV Movie Awards journey, the 2010 ZEPP/Love Tour, Runaway filming, and so many other things demanded his presence.  He had no choice but to move on.  Destiny awaited.)

The Q & A session with fans was cute, with or without translation.  And he did it even though he was dead tired.  We can always hope that one day we’ll be afforded such time with him here in the States.  Woah—! There it is, that humongous stuffed otter, fashioned after the cartoon one that supposedly copied Rain’s Golden Ab rolls.  LOL!  As we understand it, a fan actually made it for him.

“Rain, you will go to Hong Kong—”  “Sorry, I don’t know yet.”  (laughs and catcalls from the crowd)  “Next year, next year.”  My goodness, the fans were so orderly!  Rain was sitting or kneeling thisclose to them for pictures, and they somehow managed not to totally freak out, or jump him from behind.  Good Clouds!

Enjoy this episode, fans. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Fan’s message : Would you be open to holding a concert in Korea?

Rain : It’s up to you to make me hold it in Korea, but I don’t know when to do.

Rain : So, please aggressively have a dash at asking me for a concert in Korea.

Fans at the scene of the fan meeting : Can you specify exactly what you mean?

Rain : Dash at my agent.

Fan’s message : What is the brand name of the lotion you are now using?

Rain : Actually, I rarely use any lotion because I myself am valuable.  (His witty words set the audience roaring with laughter)  Anything is fine by me, but sometimes I use some lotions which are a little expensive.

Fan’s message : I know you enjoy drinking 참이슬 soju (an alcohol brand name called ‘Real Dew’ soju in English). Well, which brand of beer are you particularly fond of? I’d like to choose the same brand as that of the beer you want even if I can’t be with you.

Rain : That can be the infraction of the trademark law (the audience is laughing)  Nothing is unpalatable to me.  I usually drink just about any type of beer.

Fan’s message : How [when…? ^@@^] do you think you’ll appear in a beer CF?

Rain : I don’t have a choice.  If I had the choice, I would already have filmed such a CF.

Fan’s message : When was your best moment in your life recently?

Rain : My best moment was when I was nominated for an MTV Movie Award.  Thank you for your supporting me, and thank the jury members for their choosing me.

Fan’s message : What hurt your feeling the most recently?

Rain : I know some newspapers have been often guilty of distorting the truth of my frankness, but just let slide that situation since they have to subsist on the number of people visiting the site. (There is enthusiastic applause)

Fan’s message : My mother has bought 60 of your new albums.

Rain : Who is ‘Dahrim’ who wrote this message?  Please come on out.  How old are you?

Dahrim : 19 years old.

Rain : (After hugging her)  Come on, it’s time to turn again.  Please go back to your seat.

Fan’s message : I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your releasing your new album for us, and I’m very proud of you.

Rain : I’m very proud of you, too.  I think the number of people attending this fan meeting is the same as that of the people who attended the then mini fan meeting when I was in Rainism.  Are there the people we met 2 years ago?  (Every fan at the scene of the fan meeting : I’m over here!)

Fan’s message : I’ll open a restaurant in 5 years.  Are you up to visiting my restaurant when it’s that time?  Then, you don’t have to worry about paying for your meal throughout your life.

Rain : Who is this?  Is it true?  Where will you open a restaurant?

The fan : Please come to Incheon.

Rain : Let’s draw up a contract right now! (A gust of laughter)

Fan’s message : Orabuni (= Oppa = Rain) has a very slim body.  How have you lost weight in your thighs?  If I follow the choreography of your Hip Song, can I be like you?

Rain : You can do it mentally. (laughter)  But, I can offer you the know-how if you are surely interested in loosing weight in your thighs.

Fans at the scene : What’s the secret of your diet?

Rain : The secret is very simple.  I lose weight by portion control.  (They are booing)  Why are you protesting by saying “Boo”?

Fan’s message : What is meal like to you?

Rain : That meal doesn’t exist is unthinkable.  [Meals not existing would be unthinkable. ^@@^]

One fan’s banner says “I want to Rain to stay single forever.”

Fan’s message : When you were invited to the MTV Movie Awards, how did you feel about it?

Rain : Isn’t it too obvious that I’m invited to the ceremony? (laughter)  It was just a joke!  Actually, It was [like] something that could never happen to me.  But I’ve been one of the last candidates in the vote after beating an estimated 30 others including Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and so on. (There is enthusiastic applause)  Anyway, whether to win the award or not, I don’t care.  [This award meant everything to Rain, as he himself has acknowledged, so I am certain that what he meant here was that if he didn’t win, he would take it in stride, that he was honored just to be nominated.  — Stephe ^@@^]

Fan’s message : Will you hold your dinner show in 20 years?

Rain : They commonly kick off such shows in some foreign country.  I can start such a show at any time if you really want to.

Rain : All right, I guess that does it.  Do you really want me to hold a concert in Korea?  (Yeah!!)  I’m interested in it if you make a firm request.

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : I’m interested in it if you make a firm request.

Fans at the scene : What should we do?

Rain : This idea looks good.  (unrolling the paper)  The paper says, “Raizo! Focus your attention to be able to keep the MTV award!”  She also gave me some black sands.  Does she want me to die? (because of the black sands that were a strong symbol of death in his movie Ninja Assassin)

Rain : These folded-paper cranes include your messages to me?  (Yeah!)  I’ll take them to read at my leisure time after unfolding them.  Anyway, thank you so much for your support.

Fan’s message : Do you happen to want to go to the baseball field at your free time?

Rain : Yeah, of course, I want to.

Fan’s message : They often cheer for the teams they support, singing your Hip Song.

Rain : There is something extraordinary in such a popular song. (laughter)  I’d love to come to the field someday.

1:56~One fan from Hong Kong : When will you go to Hong Kong?

Rain : I’m not now thinking of visiting there, but maybe next year I can do.

Fans at the scene : How much difference gap in age between your marriage potential and you, will be good to you?

Rain : Age is not really an issue to me. (A gust of laughter)

Rain : The person over there in yellow clothes!

The fan : Why are you shouting, “Woo Laa Laa”?

Rain : I just can do what I will with my own.  Why are you doing it the way I do it?  After all, it is the same.  Hope my fans and other stars’ fans love each other without distinction.  (The audience burst into enthusiastic applause)

Rain : Thank you for your supporting my album.  Hope you to be always happy and healthy.  Please show your support even to MBLAQ.  It was nice to meet you.

~ by Cloud USA on August 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “[ETA: English translation] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 27.”

  1. awww poor pookie… he looks exhausted here.


  2. rain literity have any fanmeeting in USA coz, he was that big plus he have alot fans in Asia but, i have to saw rain is big in USA as well their is fans loveing and supporting all the way i am from US. and i am BIG to rain.
    i hope after Ninja Assassin and so on he well have a fanmeeting with us too i differenly want to be part a menber of clouds fanmeeting and everytime he have it also come with a specail touch with this see that even small simple like this he still make all his fan happy and enjoy his talk and laughting he very keep them so cloes to him.
    because he knows how to stay connected to those who cherish him. and for rain as who even his his stardom and fame he very keep postive for his acknowlege who so talen confident he is very a idmire human being from inside out…. that how i see in this increable guy are


  3. When one fan asked him in English when he was coming to Hong Kong? and he answered likewise in English that he didn’t know yet. I LOVE those moments, as brief as they are, when he speaks in English.

    Hey BI, don’t you want to come back to the U.S. and practice your English. I am volunteering my “services” as your “oh so private” tutor!…..(CHESIRE CAT SMILE)


  4. thank u 🙂


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