MBLAQ says goodbye on Music Core.

Allkpop 8/7/2010 —

Unfortunately, the boys of MBLAQ are ending their promotions as they performed their first goodbye stage on yesterday’s Music Bank.

On today’s episode of MBC Music Core, the boys performed their second goodbye stage. Even though it’s sad to see them go, the good news is that their performance today was a summer special!

MBLAQ performed a summer special goodbye stage with their track One Better Day. Their performance today was terrific yet again, check it out below!

Stay tuned to MBLAQ’s final goodbye stage on tomorrow’s Inkigayo!

Written by: maestro-J

Bear in mind, fans, that this only concerns MBLAQ’s comeback stages for “Y” and their second album.  This is a normal occurrence in K-Pop entertainment. The group is not breaking up.  Far from it.

— Stephe ^@@^


MBLAQ “One Better Day,” August 7.  (courtesy of CrazyCarrot260)

~ by Cloud USA on August 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “MBLAQ says goodbye on Music Core.”

  1. Keep up the good work guys.


  2. Love the “white”. They look better and better each time I see them. I’m proud of them, and feel as if they are Rain’s little brothers. Aja, Aja, Fighting!


  3. Thanks STEPHE! The whole kpop and also Korean culture in general is so new to me but I’m loving the experience very much! And its so cool when people can be positive when a question or comment is made and give an intelligent response. Again thank you!


    • No problem, lotus. 🙂

      We really are interested in Korean culture as a whole, in addition to Rain, and we’re trying to convey that here. If there is anything we can answer, we will try. What I really love is how other fans, and friends, and sister Clouds jump in with an answer when we need help! Take care.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • the K-pop scene is so different from the way we do things in America, I get confused too


      • I must agree there.

        In the States, when an artist “says goodbye,” it’s to retire from a long career for good. And when they make a “comeback,” it is out of either retirement or disbanding.

        In Korea, every time they drop an album it’s a “comeback.” You could probably lose track of how many times someone comes back over there.

        But that seems to work well with the way the industry is set up, where you actually have to compete weekly against other artists to get your music out there. Maybe if our U.S. artists had to compete with each other like that, they would give us a better product than the swill we’ve been subjected to for years.

        Just my $2 bucks.

        Stephe ^@@^


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