[clip/English summary added] Rain and Bbaek-Ga: Strongest friendship.

This Mnet Japan entertainment news clip appears to be from a spot that is listing strong bonds of friendship amongst celebrities, in which case, our Rain and former Koyote rapper Bbaek-Ga certainly deserve to be counted.

For many months in early 2010, we worried ourselves silly hoping Bbaek-Ga would recover from the operation to remove the benign brain tumor that was found during his stint in the military.  As time went on, he returned to work as a photographer and, here recently, joined Rain and Crew in some ZEPP encore shows, so we’re confident the man is all good.

— Stephe ^@@^

100728 ‘Y’2030_Strongest Friendship_#15 Rain & BbaekGa (빽가) .  Credit: rainsnow cb / scorpiolabibi1 @YT.

(English summary by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain’s close friend ‘Bbaekga’ is known to the rapper of mixed threesome pop group ‘Coyote’, and ‘Sinji, one female member among them, is always eager to stay close friends with Rain, like Bbaekga does.

But, while Rain had dinner with Bbaekga at a restaurant one day, he suddenly jumped out of his chair and bowed deeply to Sinji as soon as he ran into her at the place. At the same time, a slab of the grilled meat he was eating sprang out.

As for Rain, probably it is uncomfortable to be with her in the same space no matter how hard she tries to be friendly to him.

** She is Rain’s senior in the showbiz, and is a year older than him.

~ by Cloud USA on August 6, 2010.

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