[ETA: English Translation] of “Rain shines on Shanghai” in Chinese magazine Femina.

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This just in:  The English translation of this article from Femina Magazine by huhuhuhu @raincloudHK

Source :  http://www.femina.com.cn/relationobjs/home/rainmcm

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Those Elle images sure went to good use, didn’t they?  — Stephe ^@@^


Rain’s crazy transit over the Bund

Loves Sichuan food, but loves bulgogi (Korean style grilled beef) more

At 5 pm, on 24 July, Rain appeared in Shanghai, surrounded by his manager, assistant, stylist and security men.  Sun glasses, shirt, shorts, MCM backpack, he was relaxed and casual, but he had style!  It was dinner time then.  Considering the “heavy taste buds” of the Koreans, Rain’s first meal was arranged at “South Beauty” (huhuhuhu note: a restaurant famous for Sichuan cuisine).  Rain must be very used to Kimchi; the spicy cuisine was nothing to him.  He was not picky in his food, and he seemed to have good appetite.  He tried all the dishes – hot boiled fish, beef on the rock, saliva chicken…  Although he was a super star, Rain was very considerate and attentive to the people around him.  He often got food for others.  To Femina, we felt that Rain was actually too considerate.  On the following two days, although he wanted to taste the delicious Shanghai cuisine, his staff suggested they want Korean food.  OK, the good tempered Rain took the team to a Korean restaurant the next night.  Rain told Femina privately later on:  Chinese food was delicious, but he missed the taste of bulgogi.

Style and Grandeur

Rain’s fans got hold of his whereabouts without missing a single detail.  From the moment Rain left the airport, there were fans following his car all the way to the hotel.  When we arrived at the Peninsula, Femina noticed that dozens of fans were waiting at the hotel entrance already. We were impressed by their devotion. Impressive the fans might be, but nobody could be compared to Rain.  The shooting was done on the 9/F Presidential Suite of the Peninsula Hotel.  (Later we changed to the Palace Suite).  From here we could have the full view of the Bund, a first class scenery spot!  When we pushed the door open and looked inside, the room was full of people – over 20.  Femina had participated in shootings of many stars before, so we were old hands, but we were still shocked by the style and the grandeur. The suite was extravagant, it even had a gym.  Femina wanted to take pictures but was stopped by a security man in black.  We looked around.  There were 5 or 6 staff, and there were two bodyguards around Rain all the time. We heard that Rain had brought almost 10 bodyguards with him.  Femina wondered if they had all hidden themselves amongst the crowd!

Great Muscles, First Class Body

The theme of the video clip was Rain enjoying his holiday in a hotel.  He wore five different kinds of clothing styles by MCM, and there were many types of bags.  All these products will be released in the second half of the year.  It was obvious that Rain liked the MCM new lines.  During the shooting Rain also showed interest in a long telescope and played with it for a while.  He even used it to look at the scenery outside.  Rain was a muscular man and he was strong.  He was also very tall, and his small face was a big contrast to his body.  When he walked, his back was very straight – it was obvious that he had dancing training.  When he came out from the dressing room wearing a black suit, Femina was dazed by his muscular body.  We were used to his muscular upper body.  What was amazing was the trousers also showed his lines very well.  Gosh, who could wear a pair of trousers like that?  Femina heard that Rain’s body was all muscle, no fat.  Looked like this was true.  He was a perfect model with his good body and he carried style.  Whether he wore a woolen sweater, or a leather wind breaker, or just a shirt, he could bring out the different feels, and you had to cheer for him.

Injured, but continues to fight

In the eyes of many people, Rain was such a superstar that he must be difficult to “handle.”  For example, he would be late.  For example, he might have a lot of demands….  The staff was prepared for these things.  However, at 12 noon, on 25 July, Rain arrived punctually.  Everyone was relieved.  Make up and styling only took one hour – that must be the advantage of being a “natural beauty.”  Shooting started.  Rain was very professional.  He was great in every pose, sometimes sexy, sometimes mature.  Femina was totally dazzled.

He communicated with the photographer in English. Photographer Mei said, “Rain could express all the feelings I want him to show.”  Rain was very confident in front of the camera.  His confidence could be seen in that unlike some other stars, he didn’t even need to check the shots he had just taken.   At about 3 pm, Rain had to take a series of shots on the roof top.  The wind was very strong and he was blown back and forth.  He couldn’t even open his eyes.  After fighting with the strong wind for a while, Rain had to go inside the room to put on his sunglasses.  His expression was “this time we must make it” and shooting started again.  Unfortunately, the wind was too strong.  His hair was disheveled, he couldn’t even stand properly.   We all went inside.  Rain seemed somewhat lost.

Rain finally looked a bit tired after working for a couple of hours.  His small eyes seemed to say “I need some rest,” and he got quieter.  When he was tired, Rain played some games on his mobile, quietly adjusting his moods.  Femina learned later that during the shooting of the drama, Rain had injured his leg.  We were not sure if this was the reason why Rain looked “cool”, and didn’t smile much.

Show off Chinese.  I dare say it, even I’m not good at it

Other than Korean, Rain knows English and some Japanese.  Femina had not witnessed Rain’s Chinese yet.  Rain changed to another style.  He looked so handsome, his poses were great.  Femina couldn’t help but cheer “Very Good” in Chinese.  Rain heard this and asked the translator for its meaning.  When he knew what it meant, he laughed like a little kid and gave us a thumbs up.  He was in a high mood and showed many different poses – looking outside the window, looking at the camera, bowing down…  At the end he used his rather raw Chinese to say, “Very good, very good”…  We all laughed as soon as he said the words.

Rain would always say “thank you” in Chinese when people offered him tea or drinks.  He was very polite and cordial.  We thought Rain would take the opportunity to walk around Shanghai after the shooting, but actually Rain didn’t go anywhere.  He went back to the hotel as soon as the filming was over.  In fact, other than work and meals, Rain hardly left his hotel room.  Rain, you are such a home bird!

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8 Responses to “[ETA: English Translation] of “Rain shines on Shanghai” in Chinese magazine Femina.”

  1. Rain is dazzling as always


  2. Thank you for the article but it does not surprise me that Bi is the man he is I’ve seen other interviews he’s done and he’s such a gracious man and no nonsense strictly professional and I can’t say that I don’t blame him for staying in his hotel room with everyone hunting him down like they are he needs some peace! Stay healthy sweet BI!


  3. Tahnk you!


  4. Huhuhuhu… thank you so much for doing this.

    I loved reading this article. It has quite a bit of depth, more so than I expected. I’m not surprised that Femina was so dazzled by Rain. Not at all. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. this is the best article of rain of his decieve that who have inspire so much that give all his best to fanshon Worlds that anyother can cumusze like rain. 🙂 the bottom line is he not just open to his connfident of doing his hardwork shooting for any model comcpte but who also imporve to his task that eye on his full inner that have me admire him even more.
    as matter fact he did so much for this worlds how come USA did see in rain seriou here ???
    but, know what at lease his cklouds and fans of rain world know what rain dicated to and who is truly outstanding model, singer, CEO desginer, ect… their nothing rain could pursuit and i know rain GOLD OF STONE have been suceed and i hope that rain well contiune to congure his world of of
    @setphe u the best i love u eheheh <3333 HUG!!


  6. I love this whole article and it just makes me love him even more. Hope he is feeling well.


  7. Baby looking so GQ! I love these so much and hope you ladies can at some time put them up one at a time on full photos these are so sharp I love his look in these kinda play boyish (not that he Is).


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