8 Responses to “[fan account] Runaway filming in Beijing.”

  1. “Our prince pulled the curtain of his van and waved to us. He even showed us a heart sign with his hands!”
    – Isn’t he adorable?

    “Then he used our company’s toilet ^_^ [Aigoo…! We don’t really need to know that too, do we? Well… okay! LOL — Stephe ^@@^]”
    – Well.. she didn’t note down how long he used it for LOL. So it’s ok LOL

    Heart felt thanks to all those involved in the sharing of these fan accounts. Love them!


    • I love the fan accounts too, River. I really do.

      Although, can’t the guy even go to the bathroom or use the phone privately without someone being in his face?

      I mean, seriously. If he, as a mega-superstar, still has this kind of problem, then where’s the hope for normal people like me, who were hoping someday to BECOME a superstar, so they wouldn’t have this problem ANYMORE?

      I can be on my cell phone having a private conversation, and I look over my shoulder and my son (or one of my nephews–or one of my parents) will be STALKING me. Tonight I was sitting at the dinner table trying to eat a quiet dinner, and my nephew Patrick kept shooting me over and over and over with his I-Phone’s Russian Roulette game. “Bang, Aunt Terri, you’re dead. Bang. Bang.” (Of course, he was shooting everybody, but that’s not the POINT. LOL.)

      And I swear if someone knocks on MY bathroom door one more time when I’m in there and says, “MOM! (Or Terri!) Are you IN THERE? Whatcha DOIN’?” I’m gonna HURT someone.

      I really AM.

      Terri :-}


      • LOL, Terri. Let’s face it, the moment you are being stalked, you know you’ve made it! 🙂 I know I’ve made it on Twitter the moment Taki stealthily decided to stalk me!

        Joking aside, I felt so sorry for Rain when I saw that photo of the darling yawning :(. The poor love can’t even yawn with out being photographed! Imaging living day in and day out with every movements being observed, photograph & reported …not to mention the recent “scandal” surrounding his height(oh please!).

        Unfortunately, that’s the price he is paying for being so adorable and adored globally. .. then again, without these kind of reports, we wouldn’t see the human real side of Rain, the humbleness, the depth of character etc that make us love him so much.

        So, Terri? Are you IN THERE?


        • LOL.

          Oh REALLY? So, having my own stalkers means I’ve made it, huh? Well, then. Terri thinks perhaps she needs to ask her boss for a RAISE. (And apparently you also start to talk about yourself in the 3rd person when you’ve “made it.” :-})

          You know what? This discussion has started me thinking about what “privacy” really means. I mean is there really any such thing? How many of us can honestly say our lives are truly and completely private? As I have already mentioned, I sure can’t. My household is large and very active. So, it’s extremely difficult to get any real private time in my own household. Even in my own room, I’m often hunted down and consulted about one thing or another. And our neighbors watch EVERYTHING we do. (I’d like to say that’s because we are so mesmerizing, but actually they’re just really nosy.)

          Of course, no has come up to me and asked me for my autograph yet. Pocket change, yes. Autograph, no. But that could change any day now, right? Since I’ve so “made it” and all.


          Terri :-}


  2. awawawa very cute ecounter and i admire u guy do anything to see rain and have a good sharing for us updating every day @hulululu i am thank u for u without very very don”t what our prince rain doing and thank u so mauch for being suporting and get him whatu can do is he sweet and always respect his rain and other the more i see rain give such a uuuhhhh and show then a heart sing such a heart guy ever!!!! 🙂 that why from old to young even kid love this guy he know how to make them inspire him. who not just an hardworker but also have BIG HEART too!!1
    @hululu ahahahah did u say toliet OMG!!! how lucky of rain went to your company and use a toliet oh boy u got me going here!!!
    well any altograph from ekekekek !!! 🙂
    @ stephe
    i very enjoy visit here for some reason i think this is best site here our clouds should come visit more see this site u know whast i mean it would be a big home here !!


  3. Stephe and Terri, thank you guys so much for posting these fan accounts. These are probably my favorite blog posting that you guys do. Its always so exciting hearing other cloud stories of their close encounters with our prince. Gives me hope that i might one day have a story to share with you guys lol.


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