I have come to Japan…

… to ZEPP your world.  Please support me.  Thank you. — ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “I have come to Japan…”

  1. OMG! He just floored me!!! He’s just..just..just…arrgh..no words to describe him anymore!!!


  2. OMG!!! @__@ how could this guy such a masterpicese of his born i mean everything u see is what u get from him and esp when he talk hrain 😎 is pourting out his l ok this it rain r u asking us for yummy kiss here ekekekek :P)
    everytime he on his press confrence he very open up his share to his fan and reporter. and yes u can very see that flawless on his skin and so smooth that how deep of rain so beauitful and sexy and hotness he can betray into amazing is he have
    all ALL THE ABOVE !!!! 🙂


  3. He’s such a beautiful beautiful man!


  4. adorable


  5. i am floored by these close ups and of course i just had to have several. those lips have got to be the most perfect set i have seen on a human face, hahaha complete with dimples on each side.



  6. Why does he have to be so cute? *sigh*


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