[fan made] I think I love you.

Really nice stills from Full House, with Rain and Song Hye-Kyo.  So precious!

When Han Ji-Eun threw up on Lee Young-Jae’s arm on the plane, I knew I was hooked. Haha!  That fan declaring he was taking a dump while trapped in that bathroom stall at the amusement park had me in stitches.  By the time Han Ji-Eun jerked his fool head around and put a band-aid on his injured cheek, I knew I never wanted the show to end.  What were some of your favorite Full House moments?

— Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of Ryouyoo @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “[fan made] I think I love you.”

  1. hello all,forgive my ignorance that i didnt noe about tis series until recently. wat a waste of 6years !!sigh. but now i am falling in love with them.with Him *_*
    ive been playing the series over n over again.
    i like the scene where she tried to make him laugh with her rabbit and tortoise riddle..kinda funny hehe
    3 bears of course funniest even behind the scene also he was laughing at SHK
    too many magical moments in Full House. Wish I had liked KDrama earlier…


  2. There was one scene when Hun Jieun is writting and pays no attention to him. Then he is cutting some vegetables and scream and says he cut his finger. He drop to the floor and she keeps looking desperately for his finger in the vegetables. Then he said that he still have his finger. I almost pass out laughing at that scene!!! Her face was priceless and he was soo funny!!!


  3. hahaha, so cute. some of my favs? hummm…how about the one where he fall out of the closet in Hun Jieun’s room? or when she bites him trying to get that ring back from him? oh, oh, i know! how about when he tussels with her friends in the kitchen and she bursts’ into the house and surprised everyone, even him, by taking his side and puts her friends out? there are so many adorable scenes and i could never forget his “three bears American version”, ahh, o yeah, the scene where he crashes into her personal time to use the downstairs space and he sabotages the computer. to FUNNY. shucks, i gotta look at this drama again.


    • Oh yeah! The Three Bears, hahaha! I kind of liked the Four Bears version though, where he was trying to cheer her up after a disappointing time with his grandma, and he added the halmoni (grandmother) bear in who was very, very scary… LOL! I just loved that.

      When she jerks his head around hard to inspect the “wound” on his cheek (after the tussle with her friends), the poor pitiful look he gives her… I know I said that before, but it’s so funny.

      And when he fakes that call from his grandma in the car, to fool her… what a FAKE job LMAO

      And when he’s trying to fake to Min-Hyuk, his rival, that Han Ji-Eun is pregnant, insisting that she play nauseous… OMG what a delightful doofus.

      I could go on and go, but then by now you probably have figured that out. LOL!

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. You just got me starting FullHouse again.


  5. Sooo Cute! I love this. I feel like watching Fullhouse again. 😀


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