[updated w/translation] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 26.

Asia broadcast 7/31.  Now we get into the Back To The Basic farewell staging where Rain says goodbye before hitting the ZEPP trail, behind the scenes, and it looks so exciting!

Rain is wearing that hot black casual fitted-jeans look that we all swooned over.  (I know this is supposed to be a professional write-up, but my heavens, his pants are TIGHT.  *blinking* Okay, I need to get a grip.  Er… okay, that was the wrong thing to say.  Let me just continue.)

Other comeback groups enter and exit the studio’s performing area like clockwork.  MBLAQ, in stage makeup, awaits their turn in a prep room, never taking their eyes from the live monitor.

The studio crowd is loud and lively.  As they should be, as Rain busts out Love Song.

And then it’s outside the building for Rain’s farewell mini-fanmeet.  (Unfortunately, all I could pick up with my almost-nonexistent Korean skills was “Yes.” “Okay.” “I like…” “Oh, really…” and “Thanks.”)  This was pretty cute, and it looked like he and the fans had a blast.  They barely got into the gift-giving, and that gigantic otter didn’t yet make an appearance, so perhaps that means the mini-fanmeet will continue in next week’s episode.

Enjoy, everyone. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I think I’ve finished my activites very well with my special album for two months.  Thank you for your supporting my special album.

Q : Is there anything you gained during your activities with your album?

Rain : I’m very happy to have more and better opportunities to meet you (his fans) rather than to have got something out of my activities this time.

Thank you for your love I received.

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown, I could work cheerfully.

Thank you.

(2 minutes before going on stage)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

My throat hurts and I can’t talk any louder.

You can hear me?  (Fans : I cant hear you!!)

My throat hurts and I can’t talk any louder.  Do you understand what I mean?  Can all of you hear what I’m saying?

Anyway, thank many of you for supporting my activities with my album.

Did you tell me to stand up from my seat? (asking one fan)  How old are you saying such things?  Come on out!  I can’t understand why you are picking on me like this, even if Oppa (Rain) is so tired that I could die.

Anyway, thank you for supporting me a lot.

This special album is….(Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

So what do you expect me to do?  Now I’m doing my utmost for you to hear me (after checking the loudspeaker)  You can hear me if you are quiet.

I’ll go home if you keep complaining.  You can hear me if you are quiet.  I’m just not feeling well now.

First, thank you for supporting my special album a lot.  Even if I couldn’t do a lot of work for the album, but this seemed to be a very meaningful album for us.  I think ‘Love Song’ in this album has really left a deep impression in you, so I’m very happy (Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

(Fans : I can’t hear you!!)

If you are quiet, you can surely hear me.

Thank you for loving me a lot.

Anyway, I’ll be soon shooting a drama.  I hope you will love the drama a lot, too.  Anyway, I’m really thankful for your support.

Thank you. (bowing)

Do you have any other questions about me?

Look! the wind seems to blow out the candles! (One of the Cloud executives)

Once again! (after singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Rain)

One, two, three, four!

Thank you.

What? I cant hear you.

(Fans : I love you!!) I love you, too.

Let’s love each other.

Can I choose each out of these?

(The message is as follows)

“I’m so touched, excited, and happy that you showed us your best side on each stage.  Today’s performance by you was the best of the best.  Do you choreograph yourself?”

Right! I’ve done it all by myself.  Do you know why it’s so?  Because no one can equal me.  (fans are cheering loudly)  [And at this stage, that statement is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. — Stephe ^@@^]

~ by Cloud USA on July 31, 2010.

7 Responses to “[updated w/translation] RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 26.”

  1. LOL @ “did u just tell me to get up from my seat?” But it must feel bad when he is taking out the time to see them like this and he has to keep saying my voice hurts so I can’t speak any louder and when he has to say I don’t know why you pick on my like this even when I’m so tired I could die.

    *sigh* more than anything else, I want this guy to REST!!! (LOL I’ll go home if you keep complaining!! That’s right, you tell’em Jihoon!!!)


  2. And right after we say that a translation is hard work and will take a long time, rain bird delivers.

    THANK YOU rain bird, for the translation. You are precious!

    Terri :-}


  3. LMAO @ get a grip

    he has that effect on people


  4. i remember this it his last show preforms LS & HS
    and the part he was sheared tearing too !!!!!
    am i see rain look so hot in simply black outfit his body so buildup in here u can actually see his figure from his tight ahahahha!!!!!!
    and every time rain show up on stage the cheer is up nerveless his fans love him so much and give rain a prop for that.
    differently love BTS!!! it telling everything u could see and that lord deafening with or with Patrice the scream on rain their nothing the best of the best of your stage. u stole the show and yet the aduiance INDEEED.
    i very could get enough of his sexy swaying hip move eheheh and that chest popping he got the hotness popping going ekekekekekeke
    see rain so respective to his fans like this redder Private simple small place or big event he still treat them as honor and bow my heart differently belong to this one guy and never ending. rain r so ordinary person that what so perfect from inside out him. and ask for me as fanmeeting i do not care what place rain goes to where ever he at i surly follow the king at i “m speaking out my heart here. that was very sweet and nice of them threwing a mini birthday cake for rain knowing he not around in Korean date i happy for rain for being give all his fans much treasure supporting.


  5. سؤال/‏^‏‏^‏/ممكن تكون الفيديوهات مترجمة على الأقل Eng مستقبلا‏”‏ .وشكرا‏”‏ مجددا‏”‏


    • We hope that one day these videos will be translated, bi Bi bi. Last season (Season 1) a lot of them were translated by other fans. But it is hard work and it takes a long time.

      نأمل أن يوم واحد من أشرطة الفيديو هذه ثنائية بي المترجمة، ونصف. في الموسم الماضي (الفصل 1) تمت ترجمة كثير منها بأخرى مشجعي. ولكن العمل الجاد وتستغرق وقتاً طويلاً.

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. شكرا .. وحرص بي هنا واضح جدا‏”‏ من خلال حرصه على تجربه مؤثرات المسرح قبل الاداء… شكرا على كل خبر‏^‏‏_‏‏_‏‏_‏‏_‏‏_‏‏^وبالتوفيق


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