Rain on MBC Entertainment news: Strictly for the visuals.

Unless a translation of this latest quick spot, posted below, surfaces, that is.  But until then, just enjoy looking at “the goods.” 😉


Incidentally, parts of this new entertainment spot were released in an earlier, longer MBC clip back around May 7 called Section TV’s Invitation to Rain’s Life, where an interviewer started in the gym with Rain and dancers Hongshi and SooBong, and ended up with Rain and the interviewer at the restaurant.  The video and translation were pretty darned hilarious and cracked us up!

» Our previous post from May, showing the longer MBC clip (and some pretty awesome pics) is HERE.

» The written English translation of all that happened in the longer clip is HERE.

Please enjoy, everyone.  — Stephe ^@@^


Latest Rain on MBC Entertainment news. (credit: DC / courtesy of ratoka)

~ by Cloud USA on July 30, 2010.

One Response to “Rain on MBC Entertainment news: Strictly for the visuals.”

  1. @stephe
    this waht i know and learn from korean this what they saying !!!

    ahahah at the beging they mention about rain posted for photo with gaman lee bong won who is rain fan.
    he say of all the six pack abd he like rain the most it would be rain yes!! yup he is sexy alright!!
    oh yeah fantantic 100% pure ekekek

    Rain talk :
    i got physcial exam at the hosiptal recenlyand the doctor say my physcial age is the same as that of those are decade younger then me but, in trem of the inner body age, i”m around 39 old.

    ahahah yes i agree rain did age a bit he even look more younger then himself matter fact even he trun old i still fall for him and u know why is to strong to let goes and could resist ahahahh i can live with forever right rain!!! 🙂


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