[fan cam] This is Hip Song…repeat? Hip Song…repeat!

And after that, Rain and Crew simply cracked up through the whole number.  It just couldn’t be helped.  They missed their cues.  Went the wrong way.  Bumped each other.  They could barely hold it together.

This unique Hip Song performance was doomed from the start and is made of Awesome.  You don’t see ’em like this.  Love it!  ROFLMAO!

— Stephe ^@@^

Hip Song, ZEPP Osaka.  (courtesy of raintic @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “[fan cam] This is Hip Song…repeat? Hip Song…repeat!”

  1. Omg! To cute BI has such a great sense of humor I love it your just the coolest guy! MUCH lOVE!


  2. I love the human side to this, because all of his performances appear almost perfect. Despite the various bobbles, this one is still perfect, because Rain and his crew are all such great performers. Love it — and just go with it. Laugh and enjoy it, and it still turns out perfect. The fans loved it. That is our Guy – RAIN (Jihoon Jung). 😀


  3. hahahahaha they has a ball with this performance.

    lots of laughs and Rain and his dancers just let go.
    i’m with Kongsao…..HIP SONG, ROCK TONIGHT. that’s just what they did with this performance.


  4. LOL…. ashahhaahh now this is unusal see ROFL yes it thoes and rain keep enjoy his dance and sing his backdancer loos out their place that good to see one in a while of rain matter fact i love it it even more excited to watch esp come to our man rain!!! 🙂
    hip song hip song !!


  5. LOL That shows that shhh happen from time to time even to Rain!!!Which is rare bcause they give almost always perfect presentations. His voice is always good even when he have a cold and those dancers are always coordinated. They are human after all.:D


  6. lol!!! Hilarious…that would have been so funny to see lol. Hey does anyone know the whole line for the songs her performed during that tour??


  7. Too funny! I especially love the look on his face when his sunglasses fly off…


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