[images] Rain check.

At the airport in Shanghai.  To our knowledge, these two pictures have now been properly released.  (credit: TOM News / source: raincloudHK)


The Runaway set in Japan.  Gee, NOT much height difference, wow, whodathunkit.  That’s some serious controversy, huh.  (source blog: rainasobo)


Elle photo shoot in Shanghai.  (source blog: RainDiary)

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “[images] Rain check.”

  1. who the hell started that crap anyway??…so lame!!


  2. To me, Rain is slightly taller here!! Anyway, does it REALLY matter??? Anyhow, he’s STILL DAMN hot and THIS DOES MATTER!!! What am I blabbering??? Arrgh???


  3. No not much at all! Lol


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