Not that we care or anything…but WHY IS THIS NEWS?

Seriously, people!

So what if Lee Jung-Jin is 1 or 2 centimeters taller or shorter than Rain?  Why on earth is this news?  And how in the world did this item manage to become a hot newsflash through the entire Rain blogosphere not just once but TWICE.  OMG.

Who cares how tall Rain is compared to anybody?  Would we love him less if he was three inches shorter?  Is that what we’re saying?  Would Lee Jung-Jin’s fans love him more if he was taller than Rain?

Well, just so you’ll know for sure—it’s not true.  Lee Jung-Jin is not taller than Rain.  Rain’s official website says that Rain stands 185 centimeters tall, while multiple sources all over the Internet put Jung-Jin’s height at anywhere between 182-184 centimeters—which just happens to be a centimeter or two shorter than Rain.  A centimeter folks.  Do you know how SMALL an amount that is anyway?  Sheesh.

The shot that was heard around the world started with this photo, which shows Lee Jung-Jin and Rain standing side by side and where, because of the camera angle, the street slope, Lee Jung-Jin’s spiked hair and wedged sneakers, versus Rain’s loafers, Rain looks shorter.  Sigh.

But again I ask: who the heck cares?  If I’m ever given the chance to stand between Rain and Jung-Jin the last thing I’m going to be doing as I stand there (with an arm wrapped around each of them, of course) is ponder over which one is just a smidgen taller.  Good grief.

So we’ve got a slow Rain news day?  So what?  Rather than wonder whether or not Rain is getting fat in between takes on his drama set (on the same DAY, mind you), why don’t we try relaxing with our families, or laughing with our friends, or playing with our pets instead?  Sound good?  I think so.

— Terri :-} (who stands 5′ 2″ (157.48 centimeters) tall and who thinks Rain and Lee Jung Jin are both the perfect size–thank you very much.)

P.S.  I’m much more interested in what the heck that is on Rain’s pants legs there.  Ew.  Is that some kind of fashion statement or the result of a rather messy action scene?  Hmmm.

~ by Cloud USA on July 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “Not that we care or anything…but WHY IS THIS NEWS?”

  1. agree really got nothing to do with the height so what other look tall now what u going to around and spreak a topic about who is TALLER then who ???
    my question was i DON”T CARE!!!
    who ever bought this topic up must be very sel concreeted of herself or him runing around about who taller. ok this is enought i hate of this!!
    WHO CARE who is taller not in my view uh???/


  2. I agree..
    Who cares how tall Rain is compared to anybody?
    Love Rain..short or tall 🙂


  3. I am 163-ish cm tall. So guy who’s >=170cm is considered perfect height in my book, Ok? (^_^) I am taller than Terri (~_~)
    I am more interested in what the heck Rain is wearing on his face. I have to say, I don’t think I much fancy it.


  4. Who really cares? I’m know I’m shorter! Poor BI they have to find something to talk about! MUCH LOVE!!


  5. both of the guys look tall to me. Cause i am a shorter then both.


  6. LMAO @ s I stand there (with an arm wrapped around each of them, of course)


  7. Totally agree


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