FTV: Rain Love Tour 2010 in Japan.

[ *ETA: Sorry for the repost, everyone.  I was thrown off by the number of videos and because I didn’t get to watch the entire piece from before.  Here is the » link to our previous post (WITH  written translations) for anyone who might have missed this the first time.  ^@@^ ]

An FTV entertainment three-parter, which begins as Rain touches down on Japanese soil in late June and starts ZEPPing across the country.  Songs “Rainism,” “It’s Raining,” and “Handshake” at ZEPP Tokyo, as well as Love Song MV footage are included.  (Of course, if a translation becomes available, we’ll post that here.)  Have fun!

— Stephe ^@@^

(Credit: FTV / courtesy of knchero2010 @YT)

[VIDEOS REMOVED BY USER from YouTube.  To watch this interview, please see our previous post linked above.  Thanks.]

~ by Cloud USA on July 26, 2010.

One Response to “FTV: Rain Love Tour 2010 in Japan.”

  1. Thank you! I love BI’s voice so much his language is very pleasant to the ear and he’s so dang sexy! MUCH LOVE!!


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