Revisiting: Ninja Assassin, out of the shadows.

From November 2009, by Warner Bros. Pictures.  Thank you, Mr. Silver and Naomie, for sharing your thoughts on Rain.  And I will add this: Sho Kosugi (veteran actor, 57-year-long martial arts master and head of his own federation in Japan) giving Rain a nod of approval earned Rain his baddassery award right off the bat.  Sho-sama is an original Badass.  Believe it. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of agentpaulette @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “Revisiting: Ninja Assassin, out of the shadows.”

  1. Thank u Terri and I agree with all u said and thanks for other info! MUCH LOVE!


  2. Sorry but if you didn’t see this interview it was for movie web at comicon so to get it: movie;


  3. I loved this movie soooo much and BI nailed it! I also would like to make another comment I saw an interview Bi did and they were so mean to him and they asked him crazy embarrassing questions and then talked about him and the interviewer was korean! I understood what he was trying to say, but this person seemed to have it in for him for whatever reason and if that’s the way they treat other Korean celebs I can see why they commit suicide(and I do not condone this what so ever) it just seems when your doing your best to please every one there is always someone to criticize and I’m so proud of CLOUD USA for always being positive! So to you I BOW! Keep your head up BI and stay proud and you are doing GREAT! And I know see why you don’t give many interviews in English but it will get better!MUCH LOVE SWEET BI!


    • Lotus6000,

      Thank you for your kind words about Cloud USA.

      However, I do feel the need to say that although we try to maintain a relatively positive viewpoint here, it is really Rain’s strength of character that makes it easy for us to do so. I don’t know how positive we would be if Rain were a different kind of celebrity, one that constantly made errors in judgment and was constantly in trouble. Then again, if he were that kind of celebrity, then this site wouldn’t even exist, as we certainly wouldn’t be his fans. So, I guess that point is moot, isn’t it? Ha.

      I do believe I remember the interview you’re talking about. I can’t remember who it was that interviewed him, but I do believe it was an “anti-Rain” blog owner(?) who somehow managed to get a media pass to those interview rounds. If someone remembers who that was, please remind us.

      Frankly, I think the Ninja Assassin promotional interviews were very difficult for Rain. I could tell he could follow most of the basic questions being asked of him, especially the questions reporters kept asking him again and again. He had those down. But he wasn’t fluent enough back then to understand them if they went off on a tangent, or used a lot of slang or idioms.

      What I don’t understand is why J.Tune Entertainment didn’t provide a translator for him, for these interviews. That makes no sense whatsoever. If I had been his manager, there is no WAY I would have let him do a SINGLE interview without a translator who could assist if he was having trouble, because I would have wanted him to be seen in the best light possible. There is no way I would have just put him out there all by himself to swing in the wind. That was crazy. It also made me think that someone somewhere in J.Tune Entertainment was either 1) extremely negligent, or 2) did not have Rain’s best interests at heart. I recall that both of those scenarios disturbed me greatly at the time.

      Then again, there is a third possible scenario. It may be that Rain was understanding conversational English so well at the time that he thought he could handle the interviews all by himself. It may be that he brushed off management’s concerns and said, “No. It’s okay. I GOT this.” The problem was he didn’t have it, and that caused him to suffer some very awkward moments on the road. (The English version of Love Song also points to some additional awkwardness issues, a topic I covered in an old B2TB post:

      That being said, I have high hopes for Rain claiming his place in the spotlight here in the U.S. Why? Well, for several reasons. 1) Ninja Assassin made a profit. 2) Rain is now being represented in the States by William Morris, one of the BEST talent agencies in the country. 3)Rain is currently being offered other feature film roles in Hollywood. 4)Angelina Jolie thinks he’s cool. :-}

      We also know that Rain is studying English very VERY hard. I know that not just because he has said so, but because of the MTV Movie Awards. Rain said in an interview that he was so startled the moment he realized he had won the Biggest, Badass Star Award that his mind went blank and he totally forgot the English speech he had prepared. And yet, in spite of that, he STILL walked up onto that stage and managed to say a few words to the audience–in VERY GOOD English.

      I don’t know about you, but if I that had been me and I had had to get up on a stage and try to thank people in a language not my own, I would probably have looked like a village idiot. So, I was totally impressed by his cute little self.

      And to the people who weren’t impressed? Well, they can kiss my grits.

      Terri :-}


  4. Wait, when did Naomi kiss him in the movie? I do not remember that for some reason.


    • Right before the Ozunu ninja task force came to get him, he had passed out from the effort of mentally healing his injuries and he was all bloody in bed… and Mika was sitting by his side, thanking him.

      I think the scene started with an image of their shuriken’d car outside the motel in the parking lot.

      [ Or are you just joking, Laura? 😉 ]

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Oh Rain Rain… I like you more and more…


  6. And the OST… love the soundtrack!

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. I admit I watch the movie at least once a month. I can’t help it. Raizo gets me right in my writer’s “gut.” I love him as a character, and I really enjoy studying him, Mika, Ozunu-sama, and Kiriko. And Rain himself gets me right where my fandom lives, he is a marvel on that screen, the way he makes himself disappear and Raizo live. And gawd he looks GREAT.

    Not to mention I am an ex-martial artist and longtime ninja/samurai aficionado, and have loved these movies (since the 80s and 90s) for a long time.

    I am ridiculously stuck on this movie. I’ll probably need some kind of therapy to get unstuck. Ha.

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. Nice description and highlights of Ninja Assassin. I’ve not seen this video before, and Rain speaks more english throughout it (very nice… 🙂 ). This makes me want to grab the DVD and watch the movie again. 😀


  9. Rain just kills that character of Raizo. He is sooo good in it!! That movie left you with a feeling of knowing more about him. I should know!! Bcuse of that movie I kept looking info about him and now I am a faithful fan. Wish Rain could do another movie soon. Go Rain!!!


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