6 Responses to “Rain in Shanghai: Photo shoot for Elle?”

  1. the relationship of star ready some so sweet and some or not but rain is totally different is my first time rain have a photoshooting from ELLE i mean hee in shaghai poor rain he have a flu sick again the wheater is not to good and he catch his sick at no time and rain shooting for ELLE MAGAZINE while he is sneefing and cought too.
    i hope impress that these fans r respect rain ask and did was he been told that was very great of them but, for rain he just raoming all over the place his leg i could see any REST come from him at this time hectic work and then top of this interiew and took his luch good think that rain have a quite luch time. rain very need to rest i concern he pasing out at no time sick overwork and tired is that why he look so downcase at the other pict
    in white and demin pant who spot him and invated his private gosh i hope he is safe and ok he is senitive he very need to eat alot spicy food it help also. rain darre please rest !!


  2. Wow…i think I’m starting to notice how different stars and fan relationships are in Asia. There is no way fans would leave if a star asked them to at least in the US. I think i like the mutual respect that they have for one another over there.


    • Yes, the relationship between Asian artist and fans like a family. I knew many USA fans couldn’t understand why Cloud would prepare food/lunch for artist and their staff during promotional events. Some Fans even bought a lot of newly released albums and gave to friends or relatives, because they want to assist their artist in all means. They devoted whatever they could to help their beloved artist to achieve higher status. Because we truly believe “You Jump I Love”…


    • Yes, it’s pretty different… but only in a general sense (the majority of the population).

      There are those of us homegrown Americans who would behave with some sense.

      And providing a staff, crew, and cast with food and drink is exactly something that I (and Terri) would do, without hesitation.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Stephe, you missed this piece.

    Source from Badia. I briefly translated into English. Hope everybody here can feel the kindness of our prince.

    About 9:30pm Rain left the hotel and went for dinner. Fans waited for him outside the restaurant. Suddenly, bodyguard came by and passed the cell phone to one Fans. Fans thought if Rain called her…She got the phone and voice from translator, he said “We understand everybody’s feeling, however Rain is really tired. Please go home first and come back tomorrow for Rain again”
    Fans replied “We don’t expect anything, we just want to see Rain few more times from far distance. However, if this is Rain’s idea, we respect him. We want him to enjoy the dinner quietly. Thank you”

    Then, Fans passed the cell phone back to bodyguard, Mr. Kim bowed politely to Fans and impressed what they did. Fans left…


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