[re-post] Changes are in the wind: SixToFive is now RAINBOX.

[ *ETA: 8/16: Rainbox is back.  The site was obviously going through a little bit of a revamping, and it is good to see it again.

Only goes to show—it never pays to panic and throw stories up the way some sites always seem to do when they smell blood in the water.  Like about all the clothing sales… did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the Six To Five logo merchandise needed to be sold ASAP to make way for Rainbox logo merchandise?  THE NAME HAS CHANGED.  Or is it just easier to assume that “Rain has failed”?

Perhaps one day, they’ll learn.

Welcome back, Rainbox/SixToFive. — ^@@^]


[ *ETA 7.30: Where the heck did Rainbox go?  All of the links lead to some generic buy site now… maybe it’s maintenance, or upgrading… or they might announce a new link and site altogether, we don’t know.  We will update when we find out. ^@@^ ]

It appears that SixToFive is transitioning over to a new name, and a new logo.  Same site, new graphics.  Check it out.

» The official SixToFive site is HERE. (and has been changed)  The permanent URL in our sidebar under English Links.

— Stephe ^@@^

(caps by ratoka)

~ by Cloud USA on July 25, 2010.

15 Responses to “[re-post] Changes are in the wind: SixToFive is now RAINBOX.”

  1. I have to say with all the buzz going on about Rain this just shows how nervous some people are getting and how more and more important our guy is becoming (not that he wasn’t before) and the more crap they say the stronger WE need to fight for him, You GO JiHoon! MUAH FRIEND!


  2. With the name change/transition going on, all of the merchandise with the Six To Five logo has got to go (be sold off) to make way for merchandise with Rainbox on it, I would think.

    I don’t know why people don’t think of these things before going hog-wild writing articles. It’s not that difficult.

    And that’s why you seldom see stuff like that here.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. i was reading that his stores went out of business and liquidated and everything got sold to someone else.
    here’s a link of the original story i read:

    and on another site yesterday they were saying that the site was having a 90% clearance on everything.


    • Well…

      Terri’s take on this is that people who appear to be “going out of business” don’t “rename and revamp” their old company website unless they are PLANNING SOMETHING.

      Something is up, Clouds. We just don’t know what it is yet. PLEASE have a little FAITH, would ya?


      Terri :-}


      • If I caused any offense with my comment, I’m certainly sorry. I was just stating what I had read on other sites and was curious what everyone’s thoughts were.


        • Oh no, diva! No offense taken…! It’s just that all of a sudden even MORE and nastier articles that are clearly biased against Rain rather than simply stating facts or a writer’s understanding have popped up and are being just cut and pasted all over the place.

          I’m glad you spoke up, because I would hate for you to think you had caused a problem here. Not at all…!

          And even if you do have a different take on something or have a constructive difference of opinion, your comment is welcome. We’re all family here. 🙂

          Stephe ^@@^


        • Divalcious,

          No one is offended and my “have faith” comment was not directed at you. Please don’t think it was.

          Terri :-}


          • oh there are other nasty articles?
            there’s always someone extra willing to talk trash about someone famous… tsk tsk.


  4. @lotus6000…that’s my feeling too. that Rain is taking complete control of all things relating to his name and image. after all why keep paying a middleman, who messes up from time to time, and want to blame him for it? (remember sixtofive sponsoring the Chicago concert in Korea? i’m still confused about that move)
    he has taken over his concert stages and costumes and gradual finances (though i believe his Obaji, handles that after conferring with him). it really is time for him to make these changes and i say Way to Go, Rain! get those middlemen out of your pocket.


  5. handle your business Rain


  6. I’m feeling there will be more changes coming. I don’t know that, I just feel it.

    I’m not sure where it’s all going or where it will end, but I tell you… if restructuring is what is needed to keep the train on the track or to simply add the creative steam that’s needed, then do what you must.

    That’s just my take.

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Wonder if the rocket logo and “Six to Five” brand name will remain the same – I liked the retro rocket – thought it was cute. I hope I will be able to order online. I ordered a few things last year and when I have worn them I have gotten lots of compliments on them.


  8. I knew he was going to restructure all his business dealings smart move,now you are your own boss and you hopefully taking care of your money yourself maybe now when you are finished with all your obligations you will come hang out in the u.s.,THE BEST OF LUCK! MUAH SWEET BI!


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