RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 25.

Asia broadcast 7/24.  Continuation from last week, Rain’s journey to and through his MTV Movie Award evening, with more footage that we haven’t seen up until now.  Notice how he nonchalantly made his way down that Red Carpet… what a star. 🙂 And once he got to his seat, remember he talked about being incredibly nervous, and being almost in a dream state.  He was so excited, but he looked so calm!

(This episode pretty much answers my question from last time—all of the car footage last week was Ji-Hoon riding TO Gibson’s Amphitheater, with future things spliced in for the viewer.  Interesting… seeing as he mentioned Ms. Scarlett before even seeing her that day.  *sly look*)

And then he caught the audience and the world off guard by winning.  They were like, wha? wow! There were cheers and applause from supporters, and then all-out shrieks of delight as he ascended the MTV stage and everyone got a really good look at his hawtness.  You could feel the women throughout the place gaping with their mouths open and wondering who the hell is that? Tell me who he is, like right now! I want that. The entire audience, suddenly sensing they had just witnessed something special, applauded our man as he left and made mental note to Google Ninja Assassin… Google Rain…

(*NOTE: We can bet you there were a lot more people in the MTV Movie Award audience who already knew and liked Rain and Ninja Assassin.  He only seems to be an unknown here.)

Poor baby blanked out at the podium!  And we would have too.  You’re sitting there not expecting to win but all of a sudden you have the statuette in your hand, and you’re shoved in front of a room full of Americans, with countless American viewers and the whole of Korea and the rest of the world watching and waiting for you to say something wonderfully profound.  In English.  OMG.  *blank*  *deer in headlights* And he did the right thing—kept it short and got the heck off the stage ASAP without embarrassing himself.  Thanking everyone properly later is always an option.

Well done, Ji-Hoon.  Well done!  This is one episode we’ll be really happy to get the translation for.  Enjoy, fans.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 25.”

  1. @Marisara, I so agree with you MTV I feel were and have been very rude! They did a lot of interviews with other celebs and coverage but our sweet BI they didn’t give him any play on television and I was and still are pissed about it! MUCH LOVE!!


  2. marisara

    He looked soo adorable and humble! Love his speech but was so emotional did’nt understand it at first. You have to take in account that when he won I was dancing and shouting in my house like a crazy person! At the red carpet I was sooo mad with MTV, they were loosing time in babble and stupid people from their shows. Instead they should have used the time to interview him. I thought Rain was’nt there!!!


  3. Yes, I too was so proud of him. I think he did a good job on his acceptance speech, and his english was great… He looked comfortable and confident. 😀


  4. Rain looks very handsome it that pic. holding that award. and after looking so many times at this event, i think another thing that caused interest was the fact that Rain was accompanied with his own TV crew all the way from Korea, from his hotel, walking the streets of LA, inside the event and following him as he walked to the stage, outside the venue and back to Korea, hahaha NOW THAT WAS REAL BADASS, hahahaha i loved it!


  5. Oh Rain, you’re so fine! And we’re so proud of you!
    I wonder who the man was that laughed so hard at Rain’s joke. I like the guy whoever he is.


  6. I was so happy and proud for him! Look at him so cute and shocked! I agree with BI better to say a little than to much!and I got the joke he made,poor guy! MUCH LOVE!!


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