6 Responses to “[fan account] Rain and Runaway in Kyoto.”

  1. wow that is soo cool. its good the fans were well behaved and werent screamin n actin crazy. U can tell his overseas fans have much respect for him and his craft which comes from him having love and respect for his fans. She just wanted to be nice and treat them. Making sure jihoon was feed. How cute! If i had the money I’d do it too. Id probably cook themn something like sweet potatoes or tilapia n rice lol


  2. oh, sorry! this is in the wrong place.

    i meant to comment about Rain in Shanghi


  3. i found out that this was initially posted at RainCloudHK by Scorpola in Chinese and then translate by those who are posted here. i asked why the fan account had not been added on another site and she explained to me. thanks so much for the completed translation for us english speakers and the complete version with pics that give us the whole picture.


  4. That’s so sweet and thoughtful for RainLove2. It was also very lucky of her to have the opportunity to do so.


  5. Thank you! That was so sweet and kind of fan! And the staff of BI although I’m a little more cautious, their are some crazy people in this world and more and more crazy people trying
    to hurt celebrities for one reason or another,BE SAFE BI! MUCH LOVE!


  6. Aw,

    RainLove2, that was very sweet of you to buy them all snacks and drinks. So thoughtful. I am sure they all appreciated that.

    How awful to have to re-shoot a scene when you are so ready to move on to the next sequence and totally unprepared for a re-shoot. And you can tell it was last minute planning, because even though someone managed to cater in boxed lunches on location, people were still eating in their cars.

    Not very comfortable, I imagine. I mean just think. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Atlanta today. Just driving home in my car at the end of the day was unbearable–and that was with the air conditioning running full blast. So, I can imagine how hot it was in Kyoto, sitting in your car while trying to eat your lunch.


    Terri :-}


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