While in Japan: Two Rain interviews.

Japan Fashion TV1, Rain’s Love Tour.  (courtesy of jackjihoon @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

I’ve been controlling my condition for my concert.  I had a nice dream last night.

At that time when my Hollywood movie was filmed on location in Europe, smokey eyes makeup was in fashion there. I tried to apply its unique and androgynous image into my album jacket, wearing false eyelashes that are long.

I chose small concert venues, because I wanted to come to my fans myself.  I’m thinking I’ll perform as if I date with my best friends.

Saitama concert may be a splendid and variety show on a large scale like before.

Hello, everyone. This is Rain.

Up until earlier this year, I had showed a concert which has a dazzling array of performing, but I wanted to meet my fans on a smaller scale than before through this Zepp tour.  So I’m going to play a concert tour, traveling Japan’s cities such as Osaka, Tokyo and so on.

I’ll have a concert tour where my fans can feel comfortable as if they are with their best friend.

My dress designer and I make my own stage clothes.  I try to wear stage clothes suitable for each of my songs, and many fashion journals are helpful in making the clothes.  I think clothes are important for every stage, and I’m trying to set the trend.

I think I should feel cozy and have confidence, when I wear clothes.  I’m dressed like this, because these clothes I’m now wearing are very comfortable and I like the color.

White is just one of my favorite colors rather than a concept.  My favorite colors are black and white, so I tend to use those colors in preference to others.  Today, I didn’t intend to wear white color clothes, I just happened to wear these.

I like Adidas & Cloche style, and designer Yohij Yamamoto.  Whenever I walk around the Harajuku area of Japan, all the multi-shops without exception seem to be great since most designers in that country are extremely talented.

I think New York city is at the center of fashion in USA, and each of countries in Europe also has its number one in fashion, while the youths’ fashion style of Tokyo to spread all over the country is number one in Japan.


Japan Fashion TV2, Rain’s Love Concert.  (courtesy of jackjihoon)

(brief translation by rain bird)

I love all the cultures of Japan, particularly, I like its food culture.  So, every time I visit Japan, I have some expectations of something good.

On arriving in Japan, I go out for eating sushi or ramen.  Each dish seems to be surprising and delightful at any conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.

I like each of the songs on my album, because I gave to finish my work with all matters of the heart for one year.  I think Japanese fans will like ‘Love Song’ most among the songs since it seems to appeal to that country’s sentiment.

Hello, everyone, this is Rain.

It’s been so long.

I’ve finally come to perform my Zepp tour through my album and concert, and Saitama concert will be held soon after.

I hope to get a lot of support from you.

Please be healthy and happy, and give F TV your interest and support.

Thank you, and I love you.

~ by Cloud USA on July 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “While in Japan: Two Rain interviews.”

  1. he is always the man with the plan..never does he misteps on his themes, he knows what’s new and hip, definately ahead of the curve…aja aja BI!!! 😉


  2. yep me too i agree with rain 😎 he very have an eye stage fashioon of and on stage he know what exzact to wear and confident to compose his perforams that how i see in his custume they are very hight quaitly and QUINTE that i very imspire the color threw all his stage. the jacket of his concept r amazing and best custume like any other man or idol could compete to rain that why he also be the BEST of his stage everythime he back!!
    haahah now really rain and me very have alot in comment hee i also love suhi and ran=men too they r good and healthy for your body top of that they r very good i ate alot sugi too i mostly order masu soup, califorina roll ect… i have to with rain with that he and same task and he is ambassdor for koean he your know his good ingredient is and i know rain love japamso much coz their is alot shooping and rstrunt and beauitful place to visit. 🙂


  3. I agree with Bi on all his fashion and love his style and I think the harujuku style is so cool!with his choice of his make-up I understand where he was going with now so I think he was right with it! There’s not much this man could do to make me disagree with him! MUCH LOVE!! MUAH BI!


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