[images] Man, it was hot in there.

By there, I mean Love Tour Saitama.  From that thick layer of sheen covering our man, I’m guessing he was on the mega-stage in these pics.  But it could have been ZEPP as well.

— Stephe ^@@^

(source: Goo blogs, as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “[images] Man, it was hot in there.”

  1. johoony you are so hot!!


  2. We love u Jihoon but, don’t over work yourself boo.


  3. working to much for his fans and peoples but the the efoort he serseved more love of his fans and they sure admire for this world star coming from who never lossing anything who love keep us happy rain oh rain the sweat and tired u have well be a repay of these day and the honor i done so much well be in our history for the iternilty my love btw u love jucies here may i squeeze in their ekekekek uuhhhhh love u saraghae rain MUCK!!! <333333333333 :p) HUG TOO!!!


  4. Poor guy! MUCH LOVE!


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