Runaway: Killing two birds with one stone.

[Cloud USA] As expected, Rain not only finished up his 2010 Love Tour at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena this past weekend, the 17th and the 18th… it’s been reported that more than 200 fans from that concert audience were used as extras for capturing Runaway footage after the Saturday show.

From the production team: “Rain’s Japanese fans wanted to directly support him in Runaway, which is his first drama in 5 years, so a special event to choose more than 200 among the concert audiences as extras, was done.”

The filming on the 17th took place on a main street near the arena, with the fan extras acting as passers-by around Rain and Daniel Henney.

The 2010 Rain Summer Love Tour (which began on June 22 and included six ZEPP venues and Saitama), a rousing success, is now over.  As we understand it, Runaway filming will continue on in Japan for the next two weeks, at which time Rain will return to Korea.

— Stephe

(Sources: ISplus News, Cyworld, DC Inside, Rain Europe, Nate, Goo blogs)


Quick clips: Extras and production team standing by.  (No Rain.)  Courtesy of ratoka, cokyu0605, and yukiko.

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Runaway: Killing two birds with one stone.”

  1. Good for you BI,your so cool to let your fans join you in something they’ll always remember and cherish. MUCH LOVE!


  2. i am so happy that rain finally have sucess his tour and make all his fan with the most experince of his powerful stage and gald that he sharing them with his new project of his drama and all his fans love to contiune to supporting rain all the way that was touch of them.
    i as the footage of these vid i can lee jung ji and i think it yoon jin seo the gril in blues i think that her it get good here where is Daeil i have see him appear any vid yet ??


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