[Cloud USA] And our 3000th Comment Has Been Made By…drumroll please…


Yes, congratulations are in order for Kongsao, who had this to say about lunaluna’s fan-made videos We Love Rain & 2Rains – Familiar Face  – Legend of Rainism x Rain’s Coming:

“i have to agree she is the best fanmade ever if i ever to work with her i give score for all that effort she do one the best ever known is her she very have excellent skill i agree and i love all her fanmade straight up she very popular know best fanmade and yes i do impress her work well done :)


To show our heartfelt appreciation, Kongsao, we would like to present you with one of our favorite Rain performances, from his Rainy Day Concert.  Stephe and I do hope you really enjoy it!  Take your new poster and have lots of fun with it as well.

We’d also like to extend kudos to Riverwood, JJ, Lotus6000, and Laura who came really close to the win!

Please note that we haven’t provided any “refreshments” for you this time, so you’d better prepare yourself before you watch this little hottie.  (And that goes for the rest of you ladies looking over Kongsao’s shoulder.  Yep, yep.  We see you.  You enjoy the video too.  :-})

Terri :-}

[Video credit:  ceesrain]

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “[Cloud USA] And our 3000th Comment Has Been Made By…drumroll please…”

  1. OMG!!!
    i was SUPIRSE !!! 🙂
    by this i did relize that happen ohhh o gues i make u happy to know that my suporting here pict up alot attetion 8SIGN*
    thank u so much and stephe i love the vid so much i would mind u first call for that all i can say and SCREAM and it ok i would love to be in his blade ekekek uuhhhhh :P)


    • LOL,

      Well, thank goodness! I wondered when you were going to show up over here! Everybody was congratulating you and you were nowhere to be found. Ha ha!

      That pic there would make some terrific desktop wallpaper, by the way. Hint hint.

      Congratulations, Kongsao!

      Terri :-}


  2. Lol,

    Lots of comments but not one from Kongsao, which is so funny, cause she comments on everything. That means she doesn’t know she won yet.

    Does anyone know where she is lurking?

    Terri :-}


  3. Congratulations Kongsao! Enjoy the video of Rain being sexy – I know I’m enjoying it! 🙂 🙂


  4. Congrats kongsao!! And I agree this his really great quality so clear I love it! Thanks so much lunaluna! MUCH LOVE!


  5. hey Kongsao!! hahahaha (i’m happy about your win)
    shucks, this is the first vid that introducted me to Rain…now of course i have the concert.
    Congratulations sweetie and thanks for staying in touch. ck. your blogsite for my reply ok? yes, i am busy, busy, busy!! CONGRATUALTIONS again.


  6. Congrats Kongsao!!!!!…this is one of my favorite parts in these concert, I watch that dvd at least once a month!!!…lol…I do love it 😉


  7. A big Ji Hoon Congratulations Kongsao! And let me apologize, i enjoyed your prize a little bit too much lol.


  8. Oh drat! Missed out on it again! :-, Congrats Kongsao! And thanks for sharing. Sorry for the drool dripping on your shoulders.

    I just don’t get these 3 girls. They get to rip his tee off, strip themselves off, crawl under him, drape themselves round him, grind their hips against him… and they ARE NOT SMILING?


  9. Congrats, Baby Girl. Haha. But just so you know…

    I’m the dancer in the middle who gets to pop out between his legs. I called it first! 😛

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. Hei Kongsao!! Congratulations!!!! Clap Clap Clap !!! Can you hear it???


  11. Congratulations Kongsao!


  12. Congrates Kongsao! I’m glad you have joined us at CloudUSA!


  13. Terri and Stephe — This is nice, and an added treat to your website. It feels like a family of Clouds…, a “Rain family”. 😀

    Congratulations Kongsao. I’ve seen you on other sites as well, and you don’t hesitate to express your love for Rain. U GO Girl. 😀


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