RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 24.

Asia broadcast 7/17.  And on to Rain’s MTV Movie Awards odyssey, beginning with his airport interview and flight from Korea in early June, and ending in Los Angeles.  There is a nice mix of footage we have and have not already seen here.  And with all the entertainment news reports over the past two months, we don’t really need a translation for the first video.

Question: In the second video, is this before or after the awards ceremony?  Is Rain in the car going to or leaving Gibson?  I’m asking this because at one point it seems like he’s talking about Scarlett Johansson and the guests as if he’s already seen them.  And footage of his badassery win is thrown in there.  It was awfully bright outside, but we are talking Pacific time.  And he wouldn’t have the Golden Popcorn statuette in the car because MTV kept it to put his name on it and ship it to him later.  I don’t know… I’m just tossing stuff out here.  Somebody throw me a bone! 🙂

» You can revisit Rain’s car ride to Gibson Amphitheater, with English subs, and MTV footage of part of his Red Carpet arrival over on our MTV Movie Awards 2010 project page HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^


(credit: rainsnow cb / edit and upload: scorpiolabibi @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 18, 2010.

One Response to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 24.”

  1. i was happy for rain who have no clues tha he went all the way down to USA by nomonies of his movies but not even sure he won the award that was a suprise and his dream come true that all of his clouds as national vote for rain and have shared his tearing and happy alomg the MYV Move Award that rain have won i was so prouds that he did show the world what very amazxing true star this guy vready is !!! who are nervous yrt happy at the same time make all of us junp and clap for him so happy for u rain and again CONGRATS to u !! with effort u have been work threw out 8 month training differenly a pay off of the film and Award wining aja aja FIghting !!! ^__^


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