[fan cams] Rain’s Love Tour Saitama, 1st night.

[ *ETA 7/18: A brief English translation has been added to Let’s Converse. ^@@^ ]

Yes, looked like the show was off of the ZEPP scale and up into Spectacular, as he promised.  — Stephe ^@@^


Hip Song.  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

With You, Encore.  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

Rain’s Encore dancing. He truly went “back to the basic” here—we haven’t seen him do break dance flares or hit the floor in an “I’m Coming” dive for a good while!  He was hyped up!  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

Handshake.  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

Let’s converse.  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Anyway I think it’ll work well.

It’s been 10 days since my Zepp Tour was over.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by.

You look like you have [it] pretty tough today as I find your voice low like mine.

It is a very hard day today for me.

I can’t move.

I think this is my 18th concert.  Has anybody been to my Zepp concert?

I think almost all the audiences have been there.

Wait! I could do that (when he listened to a fan).  Please just a moment (in Japanese).

Anyway, let me stop talking right here, and I’ll try to sing my next song.

I’ll drink water before singing.

Because I have to live upon. [live on it? ^@@^]

You know what happens when I wear sunglasses?

Will you yell at the top of your bent? [lungs? voice? ^@@^]

You did not eat anything?

I’m actually hungry to death. [starving]

They are forcing me into doing hard work all day long.

If you lie down on your yelling [stop cheering loudly], I’ll make you return the tickets and leave the concert. [ROFL! That’s telling them, Ji-Hoon! Haha! — Stephe ^@@^]

Good!  That’s the shots.

You are just obedient to me.

Well, I’ll tell you what…

(After checking his watch)

Anyway, I’ll sing my next song.

Sept. 12.  (courtesy of wloi @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “[fan cams] Rain’s Love Tour Saitama, 1st night.”

  1. if he does another US concert I’m there. I don’t care if I have to fly in. I will be there!


  2. Yes, we will. We’ll do it. But I ain’t promising HOW… ’cause I’m not sure how that’ll work with me falling all over the place.

    Jim will definitely have to get his SANYO HD dual-camera ready and cover our butts. LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. You know what?

    It just occurred to me that if Rain ever comes to Atlanta, Stephe and I are screwed. I mean really screwed. Because what that means is we’re going to be expected to get some kind of “fan cams” of his performance for you ladies somehow, right?


    I’m the least sneaky person I know, and I seldom do anything “against the rules.” Why? Well, mostly I like to think it’s because I’m a really, really good person. But honestly, it mostly because I ALWAYS get caught. I mean ALWAYS.

    So, I can see me trying to take fan cams and my camera being taken away or me being escorted from the building, because I’m caught too many times.

    Another problem. I’m likely going to be screaming my head off. So, I can’t imagine that any fan cams I take would be any fun to watch for anyone but me. And Stephe will also probably be screaming or “thudding” too, so I don’t know how much help SHE’LL be. (And now I’m probably in BIG trouble ’cause I’ve just outted us as super fangirls, right Stephe? See? There you go. Caught again. LOL.)

    Oh well. I guess we’re going to have to drag Jim along, so he can get some good video, ’cause I can’t see me or Stephe getting it together long enough to get it done.

    And all that was to say that we know we owe you guys that, and so if we ever get the chance, we’ll do it somehow.

    Won’t we Stephe?

    Terri :-}


  4. ROFL,

    Yeah. He did look a little hyper. He looked like he even shocked himself with that breakdancing move. His dancers also looked shocked. It was like, ‘wah, what did I just do?’ And they were like, ‘Gah. Dude, you’re gonna hurt yourself!’

    Great fun to watch too. ROFL.

    You know what else I enjoyed (even with the poor sound quality of the fan cam)? The live band’s performance. That live electric guitar in Hip Song really popped. MUCH nicer than the studio version. WOW. I can’t wait until we get a clearer fan cam of the Hip Song performance.

    Terri :-}


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