Yes, I would put this up in a room in my HOUSE.

That tall swatch of him (NOT the whole forest), preferably on a wall I could see from my bed. 😉  From graphic artist Jang’s blog on Artisan.  — Stephe ^@@^

Bi Rain Wallpaper near the Nature Republic store, a store he endorses, at Junction 8 Shopping Mall, Singapore. TEE HEE ^^ — Jang

~ by Cloud USA on July 15, 2010.

13 Responses to “Yes, I would put this up in a room in my HOUSE.”

  1. ohhhh Mel i want to be in these place, mmmmmm argg!!!! i want to go with you Mel im so jealous abaut you!!!!! you are so luky!!!!!!!!!


  2. Goodness. I seriously don’t think I could handle an entire wall of Rain.

    Maybe I could put it on the inside of a closet or something, so at least I could close the door on him now and then. Lol.

    Terri :-}


  3. You know we will be! Arghhhh…! 😉

    But you must absolutely take a boatload of pics and let us seeeeee! I so look forward to that, Mel.

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. I will be in Singapore at Christmas and will visit this store..and take a picture…I know you will all be jealous right?


  5. I love it….do you think they sell it? I wanna put my order in NOW!


  6. ok ok girls im so agree, agree agree, Rain is the man yes yes me too me too a want to have one in my room, in my bed, in my fone, in my life, kekekekekekkeekeke in all kekekekekkekeke


  7. Have MERCY!!!! The words I want to say about this bit of deliciousness (LOL) are simply too indecent for the site and to pass my lips… I’ll just shake my head, clench my teeth, and keep it in……. Let me not look at this pic again


  8. I am so ordering a LONG BIG ROLL of this wallpaper….I might unwrap it too!


  9. I would get caught humping the wall. That sounds like it would hurt! But OMG I would love to have this in my


  10. @sephe
    i totally agree !@_@
    i differenily well put in my room first thing i see him stand and watch me everday and i can see him uuuuhhhh rain u tooking my bearth away i might day dream of him everday & oh babe come here i need u now ekekek :P)


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