Sexy back.

Could this be from Back To The Basic‘s limited Japanese edition?  (There is an extra song on that album, after all, which could mean an additional pic for that song page.  Just guessing!)

We don’t know whether to concentrate on his shoulders or his hands.  Woah. — Stephe ^@@^

(source blog: Memo-Rain)

~ by Cloud USA on July 15, 2010.

16 Responses to “Sexy back.”

  1. @_@


  2. Yep, yep.

    Long, tapered fingers. NIce, broad, round shoulders.


    Terri :-}


  3. Yup! He definitely needs a massage. Lemme get my hands on him


  4. sexy back? are you sure, im not agree!!!! sexy all, all his so sexy yeah!!!!!! kekekkekekekekeekke


  5. wow!


  6. i stole this of star who stole it off you so thought i would make my comeback to ur blog by telling u i steal from u ALL THE TIME! 😀 hehe

    honest to gawd its been ages since i last commented and no better time to restart then when i am licking rains back *THUD*


  7. I can’t believe I’m speechless….Rain does that to me! But I’m OK with all of it! YAY!


  8. Multi-tasking! …. It’s a wonderful thing.


  9. o_O SEXYYYYYYYY BACK @__@mhey rain STOP being persavtive to me what r trying to do here u want me to jump right at you OG !!!!
    man his backless Shack up women with that voice chat u showing back neatly into a sleek and smooth updo with Wear your hair for prom in a very sexy …rain
    ok her i cam rap my arm around that armpit and touch his icube squeeze it babe uuhhhhhhhh !!!!

    OH Babe !!!!!! dont look at me like that am going to die !!!!! you are so dangerous here gotta hide man that brad body of him he about to squeeze someone arg and that me ekekek i would man laying under his body 24/7 uuhhhhh <3<3<3 :P)


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