[images] Rain check.

[All source (except the Benamoo pic): rain-cloud]  ^@@^

Rain films a commercial spot in Yokohama, Japan the morning of July 15th. (Seeing as this original source is dancer Kyeong-Yeol’s Twitter, is that you clowning around in the second one, KY? Heheh.)


Rain in Shibuya on July 14th. With Lee Jung-Jin (Runaway).


More Rain and Jung-Jin on the streets of Shibuya.  (credit: 히요니 @ benamoo / shine0207 / RAINCLOUDHK)


A taste of Rain’s recent spread in a Japanese magazine. (credit: rainstorm)

~ by Cloud USA on July 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “[images] Rain check.”

  1. Rain looks so casual and comfortable walking around. It is nice to see that he has spaces where he can still do that (in peace), without being mobbed by fans.

    While he still can, I would love to run into him shopping in the U.S. I pray that my mind would not go blank if I did, and that I could speak.


  2. Beautiful shot in that first pic, eh.

    Terri :-}


  3. ohhhh sexy back!!!!!! a want hug him, mmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes a want it kekkekekekekekee


  4. He looks really, really, really, REALLY sexy in that first pic! All oiled up and sexy goodness! 😀


  5. I spy sexiness….


  6. the first ppict is whn they r at CF japan beat and filming his fuitive too man at 4am sunset morning rain look so HOT& COOL here look at his musluar u can see very smooth ahahahha!!!!!
    and Park KYeoung yeo r try to AVIOD FROM THE SUN here ekekekek
    sily guy !!!

    i am happy to see them two become such a cloes firend already both hot man stand in front of us gosh i could pull myself right if i was to their ekekekek coz it two hotness guy stand right and man rain that SEXY BACK even hust casual he still look hot my eyeball is swinging

    on japan magazine he is so handsome he alway on everywhere our man is so popluar esp japanese too they well love it and suporting him as they r his big heart to rain!!! lucky one ever
    love him in black & white suit it look so good and him . 🙂


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