Revisiting: Rain on Sketchbook, 2010.

The entire show is HERE, under our IN CONCERT pages.  We consider it the best TV performance of The Man and his Men this year, to date.  Re-enjoy it! Haha.  — Stephe ^@@^


Love Song, on Yoo Hee-Yeul’s Sketchbook show back in May. Without his usual background track. With live piano accompaniment and singers.  Rain is in perfect form and his Men are hot, tossing their hair around.  Oh-em-gee!  (courtesy of ratoka)

~ by Cloud USA on July 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Revisiting: Rain on Sketchbook, 2010.”

  1. Very nice! The camera angles and close ups are perfect and captured Rain’s facial expressions with clarity. He is gorgeous, and you can not help but feel the song as he sings. 🙂


  2. Oh my! When he looks directly at the camera and it’s like he’s looking at you…..I just died! LOL!….and at the end I had to watch a few times because I had to look into his eyes a couple of times and his lips the other couple of times. I couldn’t do both at once 😀 They both needed my undivided attention. LOL!


  3. Wah.

    Five fine fellows at center stage. What more could a woman want?

    Okay, well, I could think of several things–but that’s another matter altogether…um…then again, maybe it’s not…

    Terri :-}


  4. WOOOOOT !!!! rain so sexy even just a suit he still lood HOT & SEXY nobody can handle him and when his expression come out along his song gosh he so good at now where did he get mood from ekeke ready he is whewweeeeeeeee!!! and when he say cheeebaaaa!!!! ~PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!! i deep touching with his heart !! @2:16 swaying down gosh i mealting all over, even that chest poping am in heaven !! :P)


  5. hmm hmm… and i Love his facial expressions when the chorus comes up at like 2:15 lol


  6. Bi sooooo sexy, whew! And is moves are hmmmmm!MUCH LOVE


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