[fan cam] Rain, while on the job…

… shooting Runaway/Domanja, in Osaka back on the 9th.  He was probably deeply “in Ji-Woo’s head,” because he looked pretty serious.  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of maruborarainBASIC)

~ by Cloud USA on July 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “[fan cam] Rain, while on the job…”

  1. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!….. he looks so manly here and brooding and just oh so sexy!


  2. he r getting ready to betray his trait in his ji-woo u know when a real actor behave they well share that expression ahahahah!!!
    i glad they r going to jetset all this filming all across the country sound awesome to me already ekek 🙂


  3. OMG! Even his walking style is sexy !! He looks DAMN good!!!


  4. I don’t know about JiWoo but baby(BI)looked pissed! And he is more than entitled to for whatever! MUCH LOVE!


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