[Cloud USA] MTV’s World Cup of Rock: South Korea is your champion!

MTV Newsroom Blog 7/12/2010 —

After dozens of matches, hundreds of thousands of votes, plenty of thrilling upsets and some truly committed fans, the MTV World Cup of Rock has come to a close, and we’re happy to congratulate South Korea as the grand champion. While the final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was an anti-climatic slog of a game between Spain and the Netherlands, the last showdown of MTV’s World Cup of Rock was exciting down to the final minute of voting. Powered by the support of international K-Pop superstar Rain, South Korea jumped out to an early lead, only to be overtaken by the raw power of Tokio Hotel and Germany. But as the hours ticked down, South Korea slowly fought their way back and managed to surge ahead of their competition.

It was a tremendous battle, and both groups of fans should be proud. In fact, kudos to the commenters on the final match post, as they all seem to be shaking hands and paying respect to one another. In many ways, it’s the virtual version of the teams exchanging jerseys at the end of a match.

In the third place game, Australia (perhaps one of the biggest surprises in the entire tournament) topped Mexico to take the bronze medal. It was yet another comeback victory that featured an early Mexican lead and a late Australian surge.

Thanks to everybody who voted, commented and got involved in the inaugural MTV World Cup of Rock, and congratulations again to South Korea (and specifically to fans of Rain). Your favorite superstar would be proud of you.

» Kyle Anderson’s post in its entirety on MTV.com is HERE.

Oh my goodness, that was not easy at all.  Talk about extreme mental and physical strength…!  The Tokio Hotel fans were a powerhouse, a brick wall!  It literally came down to the 11th hour.  But we did it, with the help of Cloud sisters and fans from all over the world.  And it feels really good.

Many great things came out of this inaugural World Cup of Rock: recognition for Rain and KPop music, Clouds meeting other Rain fans they hadn’t previously known, the sharing of Tokio Hotel and Rain information between fans, different KPop fandoms coming together in a common cause, a fun new way to enjoy the real FIFA World Cup, hits for the MTV site, the spirit of good old fashioned competition, etc.  I hadn’t heard of Tokio Hotel before this, and the passion that Tokio Hotel fans shared for the band convinced me to give their music a try (awesome—I’m digging it!).

I didn’t think much of MTV USA before this summer, frankly.  I’m still not its biggest fan.  But I really appreciate the opportunities their online site has given Rain these past few months.  And I have slowly (but surely) fallen in love with Kyle Anderson. 😉

Rain said in the MBC special documentary: Rain Is Coming (and I paraphrase): “Whether or not I succeed at something, if I did the very best that I could do, there are no regrets and I don’t look back.”  I had already decided, well before the end of the World Cup of Rock, that this would be my take on things regardless of the outcome.  We’ve all done our very best—Rain fans, Tokio Hotel fans, and MTV, and now we can all proudly go on to bigger and better, enriched by the experience.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com


Fan made with past Rain commercial spots and Queen, We Will Rock You! (courtesy of jisublove2)

~ by Cloud USA on July 12, 2010.

16 Responses to “[Cloud USA] MTV’s World Cup of Rock: South Korea is your champion!”

  1. ooh got a thread going:
    h t t p : / / community.mtv.com/Discussion-Thread/Update-Rains-Pages/0D3FCFFFF01E2A18C000901038B29?ref_title=General+Feedback+for+MTV.com&ref_url=http%3a%2f%2fcommunity.mtv.com%2fContent%2fDiscussions%2fDiscussionResults.aspx%3ftcid%3d22916&ref_category=22916

    its really short (didnt want it to get banned again lol) so check it out and comment in detail any changes u want made to rains pages


  2. This poll was very exhausting even more so than the MTV Badass one, but even so there isn’t poll that I won’t participate in to support Rain. Yay to Rain and South Korea!!
    Aja aja fighting!


  3. damn…its been deleted already. not sure why, i got one of those vague emails. this is what i wrote:

    “Update​ Rain’s​ pages​ -​ let​ the​ USA​ get​ to​ know​ him

    MTV​ please​ update​ Rain’s​ artist​ page.​ We’ve​ already​ asked​ you​ to​ do​ this​ repeatedly​ in​ the​ comment​ section​ in​ practically​ EVERY​ article​ he’s​ been​ mentioned​ in,​ but​ since​ it​ doesn’t​ seem​ you​ read​ those,​ I’m​ starting​ a​ thread.

    Currentl​y,​ Rain​ has​ two​ pages​ -​ an​ actor one, and a sin​ger one – please​ merge​ these​ two​ pages​ together​ to​ make​ it​ easier​ for​ those​ searching​ for​ information​ about​ Rain.​ After​ the​ finals​ in​ the​ ​MTV​ World​ Cup​ of​ Rock​ ​which​ Rain​ helped​ South​ Korea​ win​ against​ Germany,​ several​ Tokio​ Hotel​ fans​ commented​ that​ they​ didn’t​ know​ who​ Rain​ was​ (some​ were​ under​ the​ impression​ he​ was​ a​ band​ as​ opposed​ to​ a​ solo​ singer!),​ and​ that​ the​ pages​ offered​ by​ MTV​ weren’t​ particularly​ helpful.​ ​Apparently​ MTV​ is​ also​ quite​ slow​ in​ updating​ Tokio​ Hotel​ news,​ so​ I’m​ sure​ their​ fans​ would​ appreciate​ it​ if​ you​ could​ step​ on​ that​ too.

    According​ to​ Rain’s​ artist page,​ he’s​ 23​ years-old,​ when​ in​ fact​ he turned 28​ this​ June,​ there​ is​ ​only​ one​ music​ video​ posted​ (How​ To​ Avoid​ The​ Sun)​ which​ was​ released​ in​ 2003,​ ​the​ last​ album​ mentioned​ in​ his​ biography​ is​ his​ third (It’s Raining)​ -​ he’s​ come​ out​ with​ four​ since​ then,​ three​ Korean​ albums​ (Rain’s​ World,​ Rainism​ &​ Back​ to​ the​ Basic)​ and​ one​ Japanese​ (Eternal Rain),​ there​ is​ only one clip under​ ‘Interviews,​ Performances​ &​ More’​ which​ is​ ironic​ considering​ the​ hundreds​ of​ concerts​ and​ performances​ he’s​ done​ all​ over​ the​ world​ INCLUDING​ the​ USA​ (Caesars​ Palace,​ Las​ Vegas​ at​ Christmas,​ for​ example),​ and​ aside​ from​ that​ one​ picture​ of​ his​ seat​ at​ the​ MMA​ there​ is​ ​only​ one​ other​ set​ of​ photos,​ dated​ 2006! His​ page​ hasn’t​ been​ properly​ updated​ for​ 4-5​ years!!

    His acto​r​ page​ is​ marginally​ better,​ although​ there​ is​ ​no​ mention​ of​ the​ sitcom (Orange) or​ three​ TV​ dramas​ he​ was​ in (Sangdoo​ Let’s​ Go​ To​ School;​ Full​ House;​ A​ Love​ To​ Kill)​ -​ all​ as​ the​ main​ character.​ Rain​ has​ a​ lot​ more​ acting​ experience​ than​ your​ average​ Hollywood​ rookie!​ The​ ‘News’​ links​ here​ are​ also​ incredibly​ slow.

    MTV​ please​ please​ update​ Rain’s​ pages,​ AND​ link​ them​ together.​ You​ can​ see​ from​ Rain’s​ win​ at​ the​ MMA​ as​ ‘Biggest​ Badass’​ for​ Ninja Assassin and​ South​ Korea’s​ victory​ in​ the​ World​ Cup​ of​ Rock​ that​ the​ man​ has​ a​ large​ and​ truly​ committed​ fanbase.​ It​ would​ be​ nice​ if​ you​ could​ cater​ a​ little​ to​ their​ needs.

    Thank you.”

    grr anyone else wanna try setting up a thread?


  4. my personal thanks to CloudUSA for not only keeping us up to date on the actual World cup wins, but also the minute by minute up dates on the World cup of Rock. you ladies are realy hard workers for fans and Rain. thank you so much. and to islvalie for the many e-mails i received which motivated me to spread the word to other blogsites and fansites about this poll. @laura…there was no visible win as it was in the spirit of fun, but as islvalie states and what is proven is that Rain becomes even more known now….Tokio Hotel fans know him that’s for sure. there were even several of them who joined rainlegend…maybe to see who this Rain fellow and his fans really are. Congratulations everyone.


  5. hey guys! i tried to create a thread asking mtv to update rains pages, but im not sure if i did it right. can u guys see this link?


    i thought id posted it in ‘site feedback’ but i couldnt see it anywhere 😦 anyway, if u can see it, please comment ^^ if not, please could someone else try to create a thread 🙂 i dont mind if u copy the text, so long as everyone can see ur thread.

    if anyone has a FULL list of rain’s music videos, could they please post a comment telling mtv what they are – atm theres only one mv on rains page. i only know a couple of rains mvs, thats why i didnt write anything about them, but i want mtv to post up all of them up. thanks for your help! x


    • Hi, harriet.

      (I had to rescue this comment from our Spam Folder because it went straight there. Glad I saw it!) When I click on your link, I get a page on MTV that says content has been deleted or banned. I can’t for the life of me understand why MTV would delete it if you didn’t have a bunch of links and stuff in it. In reading your second comment that came in after this one (the content), looks like “Discussion” is right where this belongs!

      *shaking my head*

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. For me the prize is publicity for Rain that will help his career and help him to make inroads in the US market. That’s why I was willing to completely put my life on hold for this. I really appreciate all the fans of other kpop artists that joined with us to vote. I hope that MTV will give their artists some coverage, too. There are so many polls that divide us, that ask us which kpop artist we like best – It was so nice to be united for this poll. Rain has said that he wants to pave the way for other artists and he shows his mentoring personality in the way he is teaching MBLAQ like a big brother and the way he asked us to support 2wins album debut because he recognized their talent even though they had no connection to him or his company. If Rain gets a foothold in the US, I know he will use his connections to help other kpop artists so I trust that the other kpop fans will have no regrets for joining us in the poll. Thank you to everyone who voted, retweeted and spread the voting link through social networking sites. Great job, everyone!


    • Agree with all that Isilvalie says above. I am truely amazed at the love, support & unitedness of KPop fans in general and the dedication & perseverance of Clouds in particular.

      To quote a few lines borrowed from a friend’s poem written for Rain, us Clouds’ love for Rain is:

      “A one-sided love that expects nothing, wants nothing…
      Together we support your dreams
      Blanket you with our protection
      Defend you with our words
      Lift you up in our thoughts
      Bonded in friendship
      Together wishing you every success.”


  7. So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. This was one of the hardest polls I have ever participated in. But in the end our hard work paid off, and I’m thrilled Rain/South Korea won. Congratulations to all Clouds and fans who participated, and congratulations to Rain/South Korea!


  9. Laura, I’m glad to say that it was not just S.korean fans that put BI over the top, it was his CLOUDS fans from all over the world and want to say congrats to the Tokio Hotel fans, they fought the good fight…one more victory for BI,,,aja aja CLOUDS!!!!… 😉


    • I’m sorry i misspoke, i didn’t mean S.Korean Fans i meant fans of S.Korea. I’m not even Korean lol…


  10. Santokki Yeah!!! We did it!! Three thumbs up for the Clouds!!!!!


  11. Boy, this was definitely not an easy win. The Germany Fans were just as dedicated as we S.Korean Fans were. But i am so excited all our hard work payed off. It really was looking very grim but this really shows why its so important to not ever throw the towel in. Even if things are looking bad, this is what we now have to show for all that nonstop hard work. Now i just wonder what S.Korea has earned, does anyone know if there will be some kind of closing concert for the World Cup, or what did S.Korea win?


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