[fan made] Ninja Assassin meets hard rock.

I had watched this most excellent fan made tribute to NINJA ASSASSIN and Raizo about three times before I caught myself.  A lot of hard work by YouTuber tatrrx went into it, and it is that good.  So… let me share it with you.  Enjoy, everyone! 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

Ninja Assassin mmv Breaking Benjamin—Dance With The Devil. Uncut, all gore included.  (Credit and edit: tatrrx @YouTube)

~ by Cloud USA on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “[fan made] Ninja Assassin meets hard rock.”

  1. Bi’s one bad kick asss mtha f’r yo! He’s now in the ranks of Jet Li, Bruce Lee,sho kishogi, just to name a few. he should play a ronin, samurai next time around. he handles a sword excellently. superb even. Jung Ji-Hoon you are an amazing entertainer. I’m 검은 비~평화 Black rain/peace out 🙂


  2. Makes me want to get my DVD out and watch Ninja Assassin again! They did a great job with this! Thanks for pointing it out!


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