More abs, no pink, and a smile: New Rain SK800 spot.

Now that’s the way to sell a phone… plant the subliminal suggestion that I’m buying a six-pack instead.  Smart move. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^


Rain 45sec W-Phone CF.  (credit: SK Telesys / Nate / DC Rain Gallery / courtesy of scorpiolabibi @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2010.

11 Responses to “More abs, no pink, and a smile: New Rain SK800 spot.”

  1. i am *swoon* too
    *SIGN* :p) RAIN !!
    your SEXY ABS making drooling again how about sizzling too
    i very love this it KOREAN JAME BONG
    man now it making me even more excited to his new fugitive am not holding my breath !! :P)
    that abs so yummy and the way he walk their like he is ready to kick some ass ekek


  2. Ok OK I forgive you baby for running around with your shirt undone…again. BUT where is the phone I gave you for our anniversary??? You know, the pink one with the fuzzy heart? OMG you didn’t give it to HER did you???? Just you wait till you get home.


  3. Hack Jihoon know’s how to sale a phone indeed.


  4. @ Daphne,

    LOL….(“There’s a phone in that video?”)…..I feel you my dear. I can’t get past the pulsating belly button, myself!!!!…….As I’ve stated before, this man has MAD SWAGGER!!…That Sly Grin at the end says it all(Smiles)


    • Yeah, I got stuck when he reclined. Then I thought maybe you got Rain if you bought the phone…


      • Well, Daphne…..this may be the first time in my personal history that I stand in line to buy a phone. If Rain is the “bonus prize”, I will “camp out” a week before the store opens to make sure I get first dibs……


  5. There’s a phone in that video?


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