[Cloud USA] World Cup Updates: The MTV World Cup of Rock Semifinals are over…

… and Team RAIN/South Korea is going to the Championship final.  Holy mackerel!  And it certainly was not a breeze, but hard fought and hard won from an unknown element after 3 days’ work. (Hackers? Voting bots? Disgruntled fans? Possible rigging? We may never know.)

But the results are irrefutable.  Feast your eyes.

Match-up #1: POLL CLOSED! RAIN (S. Korea) 70.01% vs. Santana (Mexico) 29.99%

Match-up #2: POLL CLOSED! Tokio Hotel (Germany) 97.86% vs. AC/DC (Australia) 2.14%

A previous MTV Newsroom Blog post stated that the Championship Final would be launched sometime today (Thursday, July 9th).  We are so ready.  Yes—Germany and that unknown element are going to be really tough.  This Final may be the most taxing trial that we have seen on our plates to date.  But… we aren’t called Clouds for nothing.  We can whip up a storm the likes of which no one has ever seen when we are supporting Ji-Hoon.

Am I right?  Or am I just talking smack?  They ain’t seen nothing yet.

Congratulations, Clouds!  I am so proud to be one of you.  Rest, and regroup.  Thanks, Cloud sisters from all over the world, for supporting Ji-Hoon with us.  United, we stand.

The end of the week is going to be rocking.  In reality (FIFA), Germany and Uruguay will be battling for 3rd Place on the 10th, Spain and the Netherlands will be battling for the championship on the 11th, and in fantasy (MTV) we will probably be fighting for Team Rain/S. Korea’s championship victory against Team Germany that whole way.  Everything is coming up soccer.

At least we don’t have to sleep with one eye open tonight, wondering about numbers shifting.  LOL!

My best,

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

2:00 am EST

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “[Cloud USA] World Cup Updates: The MTV World Cup of Rock Semifinals are over…”

  1. this is the final match ask right now so please calling all clouds to vote for rainh he need us to vote ths and trying to bet germany but i doud abouth
    so vote vote !!


  2. this one is over it new one for germany and south korean is lossing th pertange are even much higher oh no guy we must suprtihttp://newsroom.mtv.com/2010/07/09/world-cup-of-rock-germany-south-korea/?xrs=share_twitterng rain kepp up the voting here


  3. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALS ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!
    Go go go!!! germany are leading 60-40 :O
    nothing seems to be wrong with the poll atm because when i started voting they were leading 65-35
    don’t give up!! we need to try and get it at least into the 80s, preferably the 90s and then maintain that position – itll become harder to change the position the more votes there are, so vote early and often!!


  4. No sister ur not talking smack, we got this! I new our BI would always take it I said it before and I’ll say again BI you the MAN!! MUCh LOVE!!


  5. Ok, sister Clouds. Let’s rest and regroup. Aja aja fighting!


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