[Cloud USA] MTV World Cup of Rock: Germany Vs. South Korea in the Finals!

MTV Newsroom Blog 7/9/2010 —

It has been a long tournament, but we have finally arrived at the finals for both the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the MTV World Cup of Rock. In the former, Spain will take on the Netherlands in a match-up of two excellent soccer countries who have never won the big prize. While there is debate over whether the two best teams actually made the finals, there is no question that the two most elite squads are squaring off in the MTV World Cup of Rock. You have from now until 11:59 p.m. this Sunday, July 11 to get your votes in, and we’ll officially announce the winner on Monday, July 12!

Germany vs. South Korea
In the championship game of our tournament, two powerhouses will go toe-to-toe for the respect and adoration of the world. On one side, the dominant Germany, fueled by the power and grace of Tokio Hotel. Across the field stands South Korea, a proud, fighting squad inspired by the multiple talents of Rain. Each team has a strong fan base ready to push it to the limit for the glory of their favorite squad, but which one will stand tall? Only you can decide!

» Kyle Anderson’s post on MTV and all of the World Cup of Rock coverage is HERE.


» For All The Marbles!  (RAIN) South Korea 42% Vs. (Tokio Hotel) Germany 58% IN PROGRESS

— 2:53 am EST 7/11

“In my youth I lived in the grasp of poverty
The world turned its back and I had to support myself [survive]
I never lost hope and strove towards my dream
There’s only one who helped me, and that was my genesis [that started it all]
The song I longed to sing, that song, I was able to sing it
Now on toward my dream

My way
That path that no one else has ever walked, until now… wait…
Although the things I do are trampled on, I still stand up

One, with endless effort, I walk my path
Two, with endless patience, I leap over the wall
Three, striving to never be egotistical
to not be shaken
The song I longed to sing, that song, I was able to sing it
Now on toward my dream…”

(All of the lyrics for Rain’s autobiographical song, “My Way,” are here on our Lyrics Page #4.)  He’s been doing it his way for eight years, Clouds, and he fulfills more and more of his dream with every project he tackles and completes.  We need to follow his lead and do this our way, with endless effort, endless patience, and endless modesty.  Let’s make Ji-Hoon proud.

Let’s make him count in the US.  It’s all up to us.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2010.

18 Responses to “[Cloud USA] MTV World Cup of Rock: Germany Vs. South Korea in the Finals!”

  1. Im getting so frustrated…its been stuck on 40% for a while now. Whats going on????


    • Oh, any number of things. The MTV site may be set to update itself at preset intervals… or MTV may be working behind the scenes to clear up any computerized votes and only updating the scores when they finish… or bots could be at work again… or fans could be “playing around” under the radar… the possibilities are endless. I wish we knew!

      I prefer to think that it has to do with the update interval or MTV doing damage control. I really hope that’s it. ARGH.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. WE’re at 24 percent right now, if we can at least get up 24 points we’ll be neck in neck with Germany…WE CAN DO THIS CLOUDS!!!


  3. Bi, u touch my heart more than u know, like I said its still very early and I have all the confidence U will WIN!! MUAH!!


  4. We Got this Clouds!!! We can definitely win this one for Ji Hoon, lets just keep being consistent and show Germany we are playin NO games!!!! AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!


  5. Come on ladies we can vote more than once! Are we gonna take this! the last length of the victory is at our grasp!! This is for RAIN!! MUAH!!!!!!!


  6. Wooow…U are so cool ‎​​​​♥☺°°:*♏uªc♓:*°°☺♥ …Let’s go!!! Team RAIN…Go Rain…Go Rain…go..go..go…♥.♥.♥♥.♥.♥


  7. Bwahahaha! Is this exciting or what? I am having so much fun! Vote, vote, vote! This is for you, Ji-Hoon!

    *putting the pedal to the metal*

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. Woow..U are so cool ‎​​​​♥☺°°:*♏uªc♓:*°°☺♥ Let’s go!!! Team RAIN…Go Rain…Go Rain…go …go …go…♥.♥.♥♥.♥.♥!!!!


  9. I’ve got family and friends in it the guys and the girls voting, ITS ON are we gonna let our MAN down HELL NO!!! Come on let’s work this. We got U BI! MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. That a boy Jihoon kick there buts. We clouds r behind u.


  11. Yeah!

    Go Clouds! I’m so excited! I’m finally home from work and at my desk, and can FINALLY spend a few hours playing on the Internet and VOTING.

    Go, go, go!

    Terri :-}


  12. spread the word people, Rain is losing…let’s step up the vote.


  13. Clouds, are we ready? Let’s do it. Let get him there. 🙂


  14. just drove from arkansas to california overnight and couldnt wait to see what happened with this. I am soooo excited!!! Now i can rest well 😀 Congrats Jihoon we love u!


  15. Hahaha! Ur so cool BI MUAH!!!!!!!!!


  16. Yes, this is just the start! No worries. No fears.

    I am smiling my butt off.

    It’s on.

    In Rain’s own words, “Watch this…!” Hahahaha!

    Stephe ^@@^


  17. Don’t worry Bi this just the start we wouldn’t let u down!! LETS GO!!! Team Rain/BI!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE!!


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