World Cup Updates: Days 26 & 27, Tues. and Wed.

REALITYFIFA World Cup 2010 Semifinals

Netherlands 3 — Uruguay 2

Spain 1 — Germany 0

Well, great galloping ghosts.  The final powerhouse FELL.  Wow.  Who saw that coming?  (no one)  So… on the 10th, Germany and Uruguay will vie for 3rd place, and on the 11th, Spain and the Netherlands will go head to head in the Championship match for the coveted FIFA World Cup.  That is going to be a real fight, folks!


FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010 Semifinals

Final 4 percentages, IN PROGRESS until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, July 8

Match-up #1: RAIN (S. Korea) 71% vs. Santana (Mexico) 29%

Match-up #2: Tokio Hotel (Germany) 98% vs. AC/DC (Australia) 2%

— 11:59 pm EST 7/8  (TIME IS UP!  SWITCH IT OFF, MTV!)

» Kyle Anderson’s Semifinal match post, combining the two polls on the MTV Newsroom blog, is HERE.

The Germany/Australia percentages have only moved ONE point in days, while the S.Korea/Mexico percentages have fluctuated so wildly that they’ve been from one entire end of the spectrum to the other countless times in less than a 48-hour period.  And, of course that has spawned quite a few suspicions: poll rigging by MTV, by disgruntled fans, hackers, voting bots, et cetera… 😦

How can Australia have only 2% of the vote when they had enough fans to get into the Final 4?  How can the Mexican fan base be so strong, yet not one fan ever “comment”?  How can our S.Korean scores fluctuate that crazily every time the wind blows?  Are we being “played” here?  Why is it that when something is obviously awry, the Powers That Be won’t speak up?  Don’t you just hate bots?

One thing is certain, though.  Today (Thursday) is the final day for Semifinal match voting, Clouds.  Let’s get South Korea in that Championship match for the rocking-est nation on the planet, regardless of what’s happening behind the scenes.  Let’s support our Ji-Hoon.  Onward!  Get on it, doggonit!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “World Cup Updates: Days 26 & 27, Tues. and Wed.”

  1. For South Korea vs. Mexico it says that the poll is closed. And South Korean won!!!!!!!!


  2. Wow,

    Germany fell. Alex, my youngest and a HUGE Germany fan has still not gotten over it. Wow.

    And I’m ready for the World Cup finals in more ways than one, because this MTV poll voting has been way more exhausting to me than the MTV Movie Awards ever was. Whew.

    Ah well. All we can do is keep fighting, right, Clouds?

    Aja Aja Fighting!!!!!

    Terri :-}


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