[ETA 7/8 images] From the Runaway set in Japan…?

[ *Edited to add more images.  A little birdie is saying that this is somewhere in the Kobe area. ^@@^ ]

Ji-Woo?  Hey, Ji-Woo!  Over here!  Haha.

Now THIS looks like the guy doing that interview the other day, you know, the one in that Japanese magazine?  Dig that hair, and those clothes.  Yeah.  Rain was channeling “Ji-Woo” while talking to the interviewer that day, I will bet you dollars to donuts.  For all we know, he could have come from or been going to the Runaway set.

Of course, I’m speculating.  Hehehe.  Enjoy these on location images, Clouds.

— Stephe ^@@^

(images: DC Rain Gallery, and as tagged / courtesy of ratoka)

~ by Cloud USA on July 7, 2010.

One Response to “[ETA 7/8 images] From the Runaway set in Japan…?”

  1. their u goes rain u have back to contiune your fugitive dran him is he very bussy all the time i can see his body is thin and yet he is tall here too look like they set have staring in japan i wondering is the part he running or the part he shipping of shoooting in the ship not sure ehat happen but it look actin here


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