[fan cams] From Rain’s 2010 ZEPP journey, Part 2.

And away we go… ^@@^

(All credit: DC Rain Gallery / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

Don’t Stop.

To You #2.

Sad Tango #1.

You Know.


Nice try, Rain.  Heheh.

September 12.

~ by Cloud USA on July 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “[fan cams] From Rain’s 2010 ZEPP journey, Part 2.”

  1. The song is called “TO YOU” not “Words I want to say”, it was recorded on album “It’s raining”.
    I love this song very much. He didn’t sing it long time.


    • Thanks, Cuckoo.

      Many people have translated it like that… there was no way for us to know differently.

      So… “Words I Wanted To Say (Hago Shipeossdeon Mal) 하고 싶었던 말” is simply the short instrumental piece at the very beginning of the album (track #1), where he speaks for a moment, and the actual song (track #14) is “To You.”

      I wish people had specified that on their videos and lyrics. But at least we know now. Thanks again. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks for all video. It brings me back to Zepp. Everything goes too fast, sometimes I forgot where I was. And sometimes I just remembered his face…haha..


      • That’s right. Here is translation for “TO YOU”

        Since when have I changed
        I’ve been exhausted with my busy schedule
        I only thought of myself
        I only thought of what I had to do

        But step by step I’ve realized
        You were always here beside me, wanting me and rooting for me

        I I wanna say these words to you
        I I I love you
        I I wanna say these words to you
        I I I I wanna say these words to you

        I’m going to give back to you
        The love I’ve been receiving, the great love
        This song is for you, this performance is for you
        I’m going to fill this world

        So step by step I’ll come to you
        Wait, I’m finally going to say the words inside my heart

        * Repeat

        Something you never expected (these words)
        Something you didn’t count on (these words)
        Don’t be too surprised, please don’t be, because it’s the truth
        Why do you keep crying? (don’t cry)
        If you cry, I feel so sorry
        For not having been able to say these simple words to you

        Credit translation by: BriAnJoOzWifE @Soompi.com/Bi forum


  2. love this one so much rain open up himself of fun to his fans and even teasing them and talking to them just like home next door. his very dose that why he never fail to scare all his fans away everytime he concering coz, he always hold on with his fun.
    love sharing his postive personal with his fans and aduiance & smile that was a amazing club tour rain ever have a balsh with them they sure very lucky !!!Bi
    i am so glad that i am a clouds 9 i hope he recondidering have an fanmeeting too !!


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