No, it isn’t Ji-Woo. Awww.

Remember our earlier post, Could It Be?

Well, it doesn’t appear that Rain was doing anything for Runaway… rather, he was doing a magazine interview for Japan concerning the Rain Loves ZEPP Tour, the Saitama Super Arena stop, the release of the Back To The Basic album’s Japanese version, et cetera.

Still, that shirt and that hair… I’ve seen about a million interviews, andJi-Hoon just doesn’t look like himself to me here, but more like a character, the way he looked in his video message to us from the Runaway set some weeks ago.

I… can’t explain it.  *shrug*

We writers have these moments sometimes.

Just ignore me.

(I will be watching to see if this shirt appears in Runaway this fall.  You know what they say—a Cloud with an idea is like a dog with a bone.)

— Stephe

~ by Cloud USA on July 6, 2010.

One Response to “No, it isn’t Ji-Woo. Awww.”

  1. man just to look at rain the secondu see rain u could resist this phtscail look from all angle look to noes to hair to single eye lip his kissable lip i am going even more crazy over this guy he also sometime even he just not smill his star and look very breath taking and u want to uuhhh rain why r u so dramatic and that spirit of u gosh i am fall in love for sure :P) <333333333


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