MTV World Cup of Rock update!

[ *ETA 1:30 pm — Our match-up with Uruguay still isn’t showing final, but is holding at  93% to 7%.  But MTV is talking as if it is, so it may be a technical glitch…

From the MTV Newsroom 7/6, 2 hours ago:

South Korea vs. Mexico
South Korea continues its blast through the tournament and easily bested the Gabe Saporta-led Uruguay in the last round, while Mexico overcame a disappointing United States team (apparently there are more Santana fans out there than we thought). But can those fans overcome the power of Rain and the South Korean contingent? Only you can decide!

Heheheh! So—Uruguay is in the bag and it’s time to take care of Mexico.  Go Clouds, go!  Let’s show them what we can do. Aja! Haha!

» New Knockout: Rain versus Carlos Santana

— Stephe ^@@^ ]

FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010

Vote percentages for Rain’s match-up still IN PROGRESS

Knockout 3: RAIN (South Korea) 93% versus Gabe Saporta (Uruguay) 7%

Knockout 1: (CLOSED) Tokio Hotel (Germany) 95.54% versus Lacuna Coil (Italy) 4.46%

Knockout 2: (CLOSED) AC/DC (Australia) 71.15% versus Dir En Grey (Japan) 28.85%

Knockout 4: (CLOSED) Red Hot Chili Peppers/Foo Fighters (USA) 37.6% versus Carlos Santana (Mexico) 62.4%

— 5:00 am EST, 7/6 (Tue)

We’re not sure why our match-up is still live when all the other polls have been finalized.  It could be that someone simply forgot to shut it down—or thought they did.  You know how it is with computers sometimes.  No problem.  Looks like a done-deal anyway, wouldn’t you say?  (I freely admit that I also voted for Team USA , and to see my motherland fall in this manner—again—makes me weep bitterly.)

See you on the MTV Newsroom blog later on today, Clouds. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “MTV World Cup of Rock update!”

  1. Wow, mexico has a pretty good lead on us. We gotta step our game up clouds!!!!


  2. I have all the faith that Bi will be victorious!!!!!! HE’S the MAN! MUCH LOVE!!


  3. Come on clouds let’s support our Bi!


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