[fan cam] Our Superhero at ZEPP Osaka.

Thumbs down? Oh, noes!  What’s he done?  LOL! — ^@@^

(Credit: Original video source from 팬더공주 / 팬더공주’s blog / scorpiolabibi @YT.  Please DO NOT re-upload to any other YouTube channels.  Thanks!)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Time to quit.

You are so bad!

Anyway, I’ll go.

Anyway, I’ll go quickly to watch the World Cup games after finishing this.

Honda is the best (soccer player) in Japan.

Ji-Sung Park (or Park Ji-Sung) is the best (soccer player) in Korea.


Park Ji-Sung?

(Putting his hand to his ear in order to better hear the audience)

Park Ji-Sung?

I think Park Ji-Sung has a lot more fans than Honda here.

~ by Cloud USA on July 6, 2010.

10 Responses to “[fan cam] Our Superhero at ZEPP Osaka.”

  1. I love to hear him speak


  2. I don’t know but he can keep talking anything if he want. And he can keep sticking his tongue to he looks supper sexy.


  3. LOL I just love him this way. I wish I could go to a concert such as this. My fav uploads are the ones where he is talking…..and God help me when he flashes that beautiful smile and jokes around with them. I am noticing that he keeps sticking that tongue out quite a bit lately hmmmm….. 😀


  4. he so cute here he was teasing his fans he quiting they laughing so asroabe of rain i can see he very have a fun time with them this is more active thenn last years i very enjoy it 🙂


  5. Ah! He’s talking about a Japanese athlete with the same name as a car (Honda). Hehehehe.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Awwww.

      They were thumbs-downing his leaving. Well, I can certainly understand THAT reaction. I wouldn’t have wanted him to go either. Awwww.

      And I knew I was hearing “Honda,” but I could not figure out for the LIFE of me why he would be talking about cars. ROFL.

      Glad we finally got a translation. Thank you rain bird!

      Terri :-}


  6. Super adorable !!! He’s genuinely happy and so..at ease…


  7. I believe he was teasing about his pants — but I’m not sure. We need the translation. 🙂

    He is so adorable, with his mischievous and boyish smile. I love when he jokes around with the fans.


  8. IS he talking about cars?

    Terri :-}


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