World Cup Updates: Days 22 & 23, Fri and Sat. MTV Cup knockout round in progress!

REALITYFIFA World Cup 2010

Netherlands 2 — Brazil 1

Uruguay 4 — Ghana 2

Germany 4 — Argentina 0

Spain 1 — Paraguay 0

We are in total disbelief.  Two powerhouses are GONE… Brazil and Argentina.  As we understand it, both countries are in shock, and rightly so.  Remaining powerhouse Germany looks poised to take it all—but you never know.  The semi-finals will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Germany against Spain and Uruguay against the Netherlands.  It’s coming down to the wire.


FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010

Vote percentages IN PROGRESS and to continue throughout the weekend

Knockout 3: RAIN (South Korea) 92% versus Gabe Saporta (Uruguay) 8%

Knockout 1: Tokio Hotel (Germany) 96% versus Lacuna Coil (Italy) 4%

Knockout 2: AC/DC (Australia) 71% versus Dir En Grey (Japan) 29%

Knockout 4: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Foo Fighters (USA) 41% versus Carlos Santana (Mexico) 59%

— 4:20 pm EST, 7/5 (Mon)

Everything is coming up roses, Clouds. We’re getting it done.  All of the scores have been fluctuating like crazy this weekend!  This is one exciting knockout round—as exciting as the FIFA.  I can only say wow.  And “Aja, Rain!” Hahaha.

It’s the Fourth of July. Have yourselves some fireworks, great barbecue, great company, and a great Sunday, all.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “World Cup Updates: Days 22 & 23, Fri and Sat. MTV Cup knockout round in progress!”

  1. And he can kick a ball real good, too. Is there anything this man can’t do well?
    Will you look at that thigh muscle!


  2. I’m still routing for U Bi!


  3. I dont know if my observations are right, but it seems like Germany might be our biggest competition. They are always in the mid 90’s, while we end up right at 90, or a bit less. So i hope that we can pull all the rounds through.


    • I agree with that completely. Germany is just as much a powerhouse in fantasy as in reality.

      I think they are going to be the ones we truly have to beat.

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. @ vickky
    that rain he was at manchesteer last 2008 with park ji sung


  5. hey girls!!!! who is the beautiful soccer player, yommi!!!!! i wain une kekekekekekekeke


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