[audio clips] Rain in Nagoya.

The sound of Rain is always as wonderful as the sight of Rain.  Don’t you agree?  This is my first time hearing him sing “You Know” live.  Oh-em-gee! *fan girl flailing* 😀 — Stephe ^@@^


(All credit: onlybibi @raincloudHK / OnlyRain625 @YT)

Fan cam ZEPP Nagoya, “Touch Ya.”

Fan cam ZEPP Nagoya, “Sept. 12.”

Fan cam ZEPP Nagoya, “You Know.”  Poor baby had a cold!

~ by Cloud USA on July 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “[audio clips] Rain in Nagoya.”

  1. Well he sounds amazing for having a cold!


  2. i very give rain a prop even he sick he still have a relationship with his fans and yet cute at the same time i very envy him that the fact he is stand for his aduiance and contiune with his dispite of his cold and try give his best to his stage man he is sebntive of his under weather and i could amaine rain roaming everywhere while he in jaopam instead RELAX & REST for took an engry and heal out his could but he would do it.
    rain my love PLEASE considering your health and took care of them too your hehave r importand to us nobody want to see u sick over and over niot me !!! 😦


  3. Lucky U stephe! Go Girl!!


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