[audio clip] “Chocolate–no!”

Rain converses with the audience during his ZEPP Nagoya show on July 2nd, with the help of an interpreter.  And he does sound like he’s talking through a stuffy nose.  Hilarious. 🙂  — Stephe ^@@^

(Credit: onlybibi @raincloudHK / OnlyRain625 @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Finally, it’s become the 7th concert.  There are two more yet to be held.  My next show will be in Sendai and Sapporo.

Actually, I’ve got a cold and find it uncomfortable to sing, so please understand (that I don’t really feel at my best today.)  What I’m catching a cold is no problem, however, because I’m a good singer.  (The audience laughed as if it sounded funny)  Let’s not hate each other.

In celebration of my 7th concert, I’m trying to give a pleasant show.

There are some fans who have been continuing to give chocolate to me, even though I’ve said before I would not eat it anymore.  Please stop it now.  Chocolate, no!

With that much chocolate, I’ll get diabetes.

Chocolate, no!

Chocolate, no!

Chocolate, no! (Together they chanted)

Money, OK !

You’ve watched me perform live, and wouldn’t you agree that I’m so cute?


~ by Cloud USA on July 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “[audio clip] “Chocolate–no!””

  1. Yes,

    He needs a rest. But until his tour is over, I doubt he’ll be getting much of that. And he’s filming the drama at the same time? I honestly don’t know how he does it.

    Performing non-stop for an hour or more on stage takes a TON of energy. And a day of filming is often as long as 14+ hours.

    Yes, get as much rest as you can and take care of yourself, Rain. Your Clouds don’t like it when you’re sick.

    Terri :-}


  2. ofcurse u well fall in love with this cute lovely gergous babe rain childish of his impression is why would u love him he just death gergous !!!
    but i have to say something even he sick he still havea sweet talk to all his fans could u amagine he cought out his words to them gosh such a touching of his and his fans that why he gain alot fans more poplution and yet more fan want to goes to his fanmeeting he does dresved this from it but his is sicjk again he need to RELAX somehow vaction to took a breaj he just overwork to much his body is unhealthy and rain is thiner then i see from korean. wss i right??


  3. Oh.. poor baby.. poor cute, adorable baby. Hope he do manage to get some proper rest before he’s too run down


  4. Hahahaha!! Oh God he makes me smile hard,I hate he’s sick Bi if u need time off to get better please take it ur body needs to heal itself. We don’t want u hospitized! I would never send u chocolates(promise)haha! And I love the way u express yourself,but I do know words can be different in translation from my own family situations ur so cute and fun! MUCH LOVE!!


  5. Oh…will you NOT fall in love with this cute and adorable guy????


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